“Song of Life”

Februarie 17, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

17 February 1998



Amazed I was the day you came

You made me feel so weak

But in the end all turned well

And you were born to me


How amazed I was to see your face

Your eyes so big and bright

Your feet and hands too small to touch

But held my hand so tight


Amazed I was when I hold you close

To feel the way I did

So much love I’ve never known

Until the day you came


Amazed I watched your face so small

And smell your breath so sweet

I stopped, to wonder why a Gift

Like you were meant for me


My son, I hope that one day soon

That you will feel my love

A love so honest a love so true

That you will return to all


Amazed I am as days go by

You do more and more

I wait for that day when you’ll see

What a true gift you are


My son you will have to sleep right now

Tomorrow is still to come

Where God will watch and guide the way

For you to follow true


Goodnight my son, sleep now

Let God and Angels rest

They work hard at teaching you

The right way to live


And today is yet another day,

Another day to fill our hearts

Another day in life so full

Another mile to go

© 1998

Happy Birthday, Marcelito – Love you lots, like always.

From Mommy.

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