Januarie 29, 2010 in Sonder kategorie


I sadly shared with her our dying day,
alive she smiled, yet teary-eyed she died.
‘twas sad, but it was my life’s dying play
and she was praying low and I replied…

“The valley of fulfilment lays ahead,
the mountain in your life will still be strong
in me. My dying thoughts are left unsaid
for you’ve found me the place where I belong”

They buried her, but only me instead,
I screamed, I shouted, in the end I cried.
My heart would ache; it must be her that’s dead.
Rejoice, awaken me, for they have lied!

“The valley of forgiveness lies ahead;
the mountain in my life will still belong
to you. Your living words are left unsaid
for I’ve found you the place where you’d be strong”

© SueEè

4 antwoorde op Sirkels?

  1. Ek wens ek kon soos jy …

  2. VozSola het gesê op Januarie 29, 2010

    ;-o dankie.

  3. natter het gesê op Januarie 30, 2010

    Sjoe! uitstekend verwoord!

  4. louisna het gesê op Januarie 30, 2010


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