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Junie 7, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

I’ve mentioned before how my life drastically changed since I’ve begun my studies in Cape Town. One of the biggest changes were properly the fact that my life begun to take place in English. My flatmate was English. The cashers in my grocery shop spoke English, I started to attend an English church, my studies are in English, and of course, most of the people in my class are English.

During my first year at CPUT my eyes were opened to this new culture. I always kind of assumed that there is not much of a difference between the white Afrikaner, and the white Englishman. O my, but was I wrong! Trough these past three years however, I have learned to embrace these cultural differences and opened my eyes for new possibilities and views on life. Some of my best friends these days are the girls who study with me. And that is exactly why this blog is in English.

In our class we are round about 30 girls, each with a bigger personality than the other. Here with us, life is dramatic and over the top, and yet so wonderful. When we stress, we stress hard, when we laugh, we laugh even harder. We work together, drink together, smoke together, and share our lives with each other. 

So the other day, my one Afrikaans friend in my class mentioned how she read my blog. Then an English friend mentioned how she tried to, but just can’t figure it out. Therefore, as a love declaration to the amazing peeps who don’t understand my Boeretaal, here is a blog in English. You know i STILL struggle with the English, and this blog isn’t about anything big and magnificent since I can’t express magnificent in this language, but I just want to state that I love you. This is a small blog about nothing in particular, but i just want to say you make my days that is boring and not about anything in particular so much more fun and magnificent. So thanks for everything you mean to me, and love you endlessly!


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  1. HeavyHenry het gesê op Junie 7, 2011

    Ja mens moet maar jammer wees virrie gestremdes…

  2. Vetjan het gesê op Junie 7, 2011

    Hey Borrels, wil jy nie sommer die sjinese winkeladvertensies uitvee nie?

  3. Ja…waar kom dit ammekaar vandaan? subscribe mense actualy nat sodat hul ander mense kan spam??

  4. Realy Cool!

  5. hehehe…die arme kinners!

  6. Vetjan het gesê op Junie 7, 2011

    Net so, ek het hulle website besoek om te kyk wie dit is, hulle is ‘n internet winkel in China, so jy kan dink.. daar sit so skreefoog outjie en sy job is om in te skryf op blogs en hulle te spam.

  7. dalk moet ons sulke werke in SA skep? 😉

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