SPAIN Day 6 continued (at last, I hear you say)


Pardon the short sentences and spelling errors – I walked 26km’s today, had a beer with my Gallician broth (bean and potato soup) and might pass out over the laptop.

The view from our beautiful ‘casa rural’ at 8am in the morning.

That is the ‘bread van’. You will hear an early morning honk outside most hotels/albergues/etc and that signals the delivery of fresh bread.

Some locals walking.

This is a town. I kid you not. the red and white sign on the right signals the start of the town. The same sign with a red stripe through signals the end of the town. Most of the villages/towns have these signs at the start and the end of the town.

The Spanish countryside is full of these balconies dating from another era. Some are delapidated, others are renovated and still used. It does tranport one to another era.

If I compare the architectural flair of the Spanish countryside to say perhaps Koffiefontein in the Free State, there is obvious room for improvements.

After walking along highways, fences and even some industrial areas this is a sight to behold. This path is clearly part of an ancient route walked by many a pilgrim.

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