I love this shot! If I may say so myself. (I think I just did.) It is part of a series of portraits of old people I am shooting. They seem so fragile to me.

This auntie was not happy to be photographed. She stitched it around the corner as fast as the cows would go. She is probably photographed a lot.

Okay, so perhaps not ALL the Spanish have great taste.

The walk down the mountain, on the age old trail and into this beautiful town of Molaniseca was the highlight of the first week of walking.

I love this shot too! (I can’t help it.) We have seen a lot of older people living in the small, beautiful villages. I wonder if the towns will become ghost towns once this generation passes on?

2 thoughts on “SPAIN Day 7

  1. Stunningly evocative shots.Love them!I live in a small village in the Southwest of France and I think you are right when you say they will become ghost towns.Sad really…

  2. thank you. we nearly ended up in France on Monday. will (sadly) post a piece on the downside of the Camino today. enjoy the French wine.

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