SPAIN Day 10

On Day 10 we decided to walk the scenic route to the town of Samos which houses the monastery where Gregorian chant was born. The walk was exquisite, the monastery closed!

We kicked off our boots, ate some of the biscuits they bake and moved on.


The Wife recommended taking another scenic route to the next town, Sarria. I recommended taking the short route back as the scenic route did not go through any towns, it was rather late already and it was an additional 12km’s to the first albergue. As she is the more adventurous soul she said we will be fine, we have been so far. I listened. I shouldn’t have.


By the time we realised that the route had been changed (see panoramic pic above for that exact moment) and that there was indeed no accommodation available at all, it was close to 6pm. Needless to say we ‘jogged’ the last four km’s in mutual silence. I would wait for a safe haven and a cold beer before saying ‘I told you so.’


We reached the much dreaded albergue just to find it delightful, clean and sporting a vegetarian menu! (The disposable linen was a tad weird.) After 10 days of Iberian ham and Iberian ham, a lentil soup almost had me in tears. Needless to say the ‘I told you so’ never arrived, but the cold beer on the stoep did.


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