SPAIN Day 11

After 10 days on the Camino, 200km’s later, we decided to swop the old and rural for contemporary Bilbao!


We had to catch a bus to Lugo and there get on the midnight bus to Bilbao. We stopped for our last Camino meal. For a lactose intolerant, borderline diabetic the breakfast below could send a person off the rails. If you walk 20-25km’s a day, carrying 10odd kg’s, you seem to walk off the sugar highs and collapsing lungs. I will remember these meals with fondness. Once we’re back in South Africa we’re back to one espresso a day and oats for breakfast. L


Not knowing anything about Lugo I did not expect much. I was wrong. As is the case with Lucca, Italy the original city walls are still completely intact! When you enter through the four storey portals you enter another world. The following shots won’t win any photographic awards but will give you an idea of the views from the city walls.




The ‘washing’ shots are, I hope, have more creative merit.

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