SPAIN Day 12

In 2005 the Wife and I got lost in Rome. We accidentally walked straight into the Coliseum. (I know. The same happened with Euro pride in Stockholm. We merely followed the music.) What a sight, to come around the corner, look up and be overpowered by this ancient structure towering above you.

Today we got lost again. (I see a recurring theme.) I was pointing north, the Wife was pointing south. We crossed a street whilst ‘discussing’ the issue and looked right to check for oncoming traffic. We froze! We were both wrong. The auspicious, slightly arrogant, Guggenheim Balboa was on our right.

Half the fun of visiting the Guggenheim is to marvel at the architecture and I am convinced it lures visitors that would normally not rush out to art galleries. The same goes for the FNAC centre’s approach. (Yes, the abbreviation led to various hilarious Afrikaans interpretations. Fnok. Fnoek. Fnuik, etc, anything but FNAC.) It is a double storey multimedia gadget shop that sells laptops, iPods, kindles, music, etc, but that also exhibits incredible photography throughout. It was interesting to see the teenyboppers, with shopping bags in hand, stop in front of the work and discuss it with each other.

Yes, I went a little camera crazy…

Check the mist!

Love, love this spider by Louise Bourgeois. (

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