Kleinboet skryf ‘n storie: The Game

November 7, 2012 in Kleinboet

Kleinboet is 10 jaar oud.  Geinspireer deur sy pa en ma se skryfpogings het hy ‘n storie geskryf:

The Game

Hi my name is CJ and you would’nt believe where I am.  Well let met tel the story from the beginning.

Well I make games for a living, I wantid to become a game creator because I’m good at it and I get paid a lot of money.

But one day I made a game so amazing it sucked me in, well, I kindof did that myself, but by aksedint.

What I was trying to do was make a fue inprovements but did somting very different I don’t know how but I sucked myself into the game and now I’m fighting for my life.  When I popped in I was with the main character of the game.  His name is Teno Martial Arts Master with super abilatys.

At first I was scared, but then I rememberd if I die I can just reaspon again.  I didn’t now if I could fight until Teno told me to start helping.

I  thaut, what, I cant fight but just then one of the enemies jumped at me.  I wanted to punch him but a ball of energy shot out of my fist.  Shooting him throu the air ant landing on his face.  And I rememberd I programed the game so that evrebody had powers exept villegers. 

We went on fighting til evreyone was down.   It was actully easy.

Then we whent to Teno’s base under ground.  He gave me some armor and a cool coat.  He started asking quistiens like where I came from and why I suddinly just apeard.  I coulint tel much but I told inofe for him to reailize that I was the creator of the game.  He told me that the gornoms (the bad guys) they have gone against their programming and they want to go to the real word and congcour it and that it must have been them who sucked me in the game.

So now you no that story now I’m gonna tel you this story.

9 antwoorde op Kleinboet skryf ‘n storie: The Game

  1. Dierbaar! 🙂

  2. 10 jaar – wow Die moet mens aanmoedig

  3. vega het gesê op November 7, 2012

    Goeie verbeelding. Dis baie cute. Gaan jy dit so los, want my hande jeuk om sy spelfoute reg te maak? 🙂

  4. ongelooflik! trek die vertelling my nou so diep in die Matrix in ek sal nie maklik weer uit kan sluip nie … en die 10 jarige knaap se Engels is beter as myne !!!

  5. Awe-some-ness!!! 🙂

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