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Julie 22, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

“Thou shalt not commit adultery” is a command which makes no distinction between the following persons. They are all required to obey it:

     Children at birth.
     Children in the cradle.
     School children.
     Youths and maidens.
     Fresh adults.
     Older ones.
     Men and women of 40.
     Of 50.
     Of 60.
     Of 70.
     Of 80.
     Of 90.
     Of 100.

     The command does not distribute its burden equally, and cannot.

     It is not hard upon the three sets of children.
     It is hard — harder — still harder upon the next three sets — cruelly hard.
     It is blessedly softened to the next three sets.
     It has now done all the damage it can, and might as well be put out of commission.

Yet with comical imbecility it is continued, and the four remaining estates are put under its crushing ban.

Poor old wrecks, they couldn’t disobey if they tried. And think — because they holily refrain from adulterating each other, they get praise for it!

Which is nonsense; for even the Bible knows enough to know that if the oldest veteran there could get his lost heyday back again for an hour he would cast that commandment to the winds and ruin the first woman he came across, even though she were an entire stranger.

Mark Twain in 1909.

Al wat ek hier sien is dat:  the more things change, the more they stay the same.

En dat ek deesdae beter verstaan hoekom ek van die stories van Tom Sawyer en Huckelberry Finn gehou het.

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  1. I wonder if children enjoy childhood as much as adults enjoy adultery?

  2. Vetjan het gesê op Julie 23, 2010

    Dis nogal ‘n vraag.

  3. Vetjan het gesê op Julie 23, 2010

    google bietjie al sy quotes. meesterlike humor

  4. Vetjan het gesê op Julie 23, 2010

    selle vir jou ghaap

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