Saviour but not Lord

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Many have accepted Christ as their Saviour, but have denied him as Lord of their lives. They want to do their OWN THING. This is the basic difference between the Adamic man and the Christ man. The Christ man seeks to do the will of the Father, while the Adamic man wants to do his own thing. Here lies the chief cause of division in the Christian world. Each person or group is obsessed with their own program, and few seek God’s perfect will.

The FIRE OF THE OUTER COURT is a fire of judgment and death. As JESUS HUNG on the cross, every nerve and every particle of His being was aflame. He was paying for the death we should have received, so that we might receive the purging without paying the price.

3) Change by Assimilation

The third change of the brazen altar is represented by the meat becoming food to be eaten by the priest and to be absorbed into the human body, thus giving the lowly BULL a part in the service at the altar. The priest actually eats in the Holy Place and not in the Outer Court, but the sacrifice of the Outer Court actually shows the breaking down of the flesh of the animal to a point where it is good for food. Some of the sacrifices are completely consumed on the altar, typifying the absolute uselessness of flesh in the service of God. Carnality has no place in God’s business. The end cannot justify the means before God. If the motive appears godly, but the means are ungodly, then the whole program is an ungodly one. The rallies and money-raising schemes, and even the preaching of a PROSPERITY gospel, (which always seems to end in the carnal thought of GIVING TO GOD in order that you might receive MORE), WOULD all come under the heading of unacceptable offerings before God. Nothing that has a carnal MOTIVE can be SPIRITUAL.

Daniel 8:25, “And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, AND BY PEACE shall destroy many.”

The prosperity doctrine is part of the doctrine of the anti-christ.

God does not require help, but OBEDIENCE.

This type, therefore, of the priest eating the bull is showing the work of the Spirit in the church, where carnal man (the bull) gives his life to Christ (the priest) and becomes a part of the priest. The DESTINY OF THE PRIEST is to become part of God as he offers himself to God in the Holy of Holies. THUS BY ASSIMILATION, the bull will enter into the very life of God.

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