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Maart 17, 2008 in Sonder kategorie

                    The Greatest Man in History
                                  J E S U S
                                                     had no servants,
                                                  yet they called Him

                                         M a s t e r
                                                Had no degree,
                                                       yet they called Him

                  T e a c h e r.
                                                    Had no medicines,
                                     yet they called Him

H e a l e r.
                                       He had no army, yet
kings feared Him.
                                He won no military battles, yet
                          He conquered the world.
                           He committed no crime yet,

                     they crucified Him.
 He was buried in a tomb, yet
 He lives today.

 I feel honored to serve such a Leader who loves us!


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  1. amnell het gesê op Maart 17, 2008

    Hallo Thandi. Dis waar, ne.

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