No man should play any part smaller than that within his reach

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Kleinboet se speech. Ouboet het net die teks afgerond. Mammie het soos altyd meesterlik onderrig. Dan mag ouboet nie luister nie, want hy praat kak en ontsel haar “babatjie


Chairperson, ladies and gentlemen,


I want to share with you one of the most beautiful truths of life that is known to me. It is indeed a simple truth that still inspires me daily, after 18 years of blood, toil, tears and sweat. Thanks to the famous Italian Garibaldi for beautifully coining these realities of our sometimes uphill road ahead in life. Nevertheless, the truth is simply the following: Life’s a journey. Let’s enjoy it. After all, we pass this word but once, as an even more truthful idiom clearly states.


Since this is my last participation (if I pass matric off course) in the most exciting competition that embraced my sole during the past five years (English evening off course) I want to pay tribute to the learned elders for proposing the most exciting theme imaginable. Number one on their list of 4 choices immediately grabbed my mind: No man should play any part smaller than that within his reach. Life’s journey has many stages that call us to participate and to play a part.


We can either play easy roles halfheartedly and bore the crowd, or we can go for the challenging roles that attract encores. But more importantly, the crowd is not as important as the actor.  hen the final curtain falls, the actor still has to negotiate peace of mind, or face disgrace in a wasteland filled with guilt and sorrows.


What then is a role that is within your reach? History is crowded with able people that failed their acting skills and ended up in gutters. Some people with 6 distinctions or more in matric stopped living after their photos and CVs were published in the newspapers. They simply played roles well below their reach.


But history has also shown us the other side of the coin. We see people walking the uphill road, inspired by blood, toil, tears and sweat … sometimes against all odds.


The legendary Helen Keller, who was born deaf and blind, had apparently no hope at birth to get anywhere. Against all odds she excelled in many walks of life and in the process of facing the uphill challenges, she coined a brilliant piece of wisdom: “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched; they must be felt with the heart.” She had a choice to end up in the gutter, or to play a beautiful role within her reach with distinction.


The theoretical physicist Prof Stephen Hawking is another example of a dedicated person who plays a part within his reach. Every aspect of this genius is paralysed, except his brain, which is fuelled by blood, toil, tears and sweat.  Despite his physical illness he wrote an international best seller: A brief history of time.  The Sunday Times realised his enormous reach and commented as follows: This book marries a child’s wonder to a genius’s intellect. In this fascinating book Hawking tells us about black holes in space where time does not exist. He tells us about the expanding or growing universe. He acts from a wheelchair, and apparently against all odds, he gives new meaning to the phrase: playing within your reach.


He indeed reached much further than anyone of us can dream. Stephen Hawking is a living example to all of us who can run, play and enjoy life, but who don’t think, work and sweat. 


Beethoven composed his best music after he became deaf.  He had the choice to drown in sorrows, or to play a part within his reach. May his brilliant Ninth Symphony continue to inspire us to reach what we think is impossible. (The chorus of conductor Herbert von Karajan’s version of this masterpiece plays over Kleinboet’s cell phone. The crowd cheers and ouboet finds solace in knowing that Kleinboet is a better speaker than his father)


My late grandfather Zacharias Blomerus Deklerk, whose surname I proudly carry as first name, once described a very talented person who did not play within his reach with the following words that cannot be translated: Moeg gebore, vaak grootgeword en haal starrig asem. This poor fellow played well below his reach, or he didn’t play at all. His sickness merely calls for a bit of blood, toil, tears and sweat.  May his drowsiness inspire us all to play exciting roles within our reach.


On this note folks, I humbly thank you and say goodbye, if I pass matric off course.


I thank you.


Hoofseun is as die algehele wenner aangewys, vir die soveelste keer in ’n ry.  Sedert sy debuut as redenaar het hy net eenkeer, en wel die eerste keer toe hy in graad 3 was, tweede gekom. Sy onderwerp was ’n pak op sy tyd is soos brood en konfyt.  Toe vertel hy van oupa wat genadeloos gewetter was toe hy ’n sikspens in die spruit laat val het wat ’n skoolruit moes vervang wat hy met ’n bal stukkend gegooi het. Toe gly die clutch en Kleinboet kom tweede.oofHoofseun HHHH


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  1. louisna het gesê op Julie 28, 2010

    Thanks MaanKind. Jou bydrae word waardeer. Al moet ek dit self se, het hierdie kind die beste van al sy voorgeslagte geërf. Ouma marie se taalvaardigheid, oupa Sas se logiese regsbrein, Oupa Koos se handvaardigheid mammie se interpersoonlike behendigheid. Sy leierskap oortref al sy voorsate s’n saam.

  2. VozSola het gesê op Julie 28, 2010

    ek’s stomgeslaan!

  3. louisna het gesê op Julie 28, 2010


  4. It takes a load of courage, bravery, strength and determination to raise above seemingly hopeless circumstances and thos who do, always have something meaningful to say and to contribute to this world x

  5. louisna het gesê op Julie 28, 2010

    Beautiful words. Thank you for a chat on the stoep.

  6. louisna het gesê op Julie 28, 2010

    Baie dankie therina

  7. louisna het gesê op Julie 28, 2010

    Thanks Ghaap. Ek dink ook so, maar netnou klink dit windgat

  8. louisna het gesê op Julie 29, 2010

    Thanks IfSO. I agree.

  9. louisna het gesê op Julie 29, 2010

    Thanks therina

  10. louisna het gesê op Julie 29, 2010

    Thanks Anha.

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