Slim kinders

Junie 21, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

The other day the 12 year-old (now 18) shared with us a glimpse of his understanding of the unfolding landscape. He recorded offending burps and farts on his cell phone, converted them into ringing tones in ascending sequence & rhythm and carefully transferred his new discovery to his mother’s phone. He called her while having coffee with a few high class girls of her age in an upmarket coffee shop. Needless to say the volume of the new device was set at full blast. Mommy was not amused but her classy friends opposed the bumpy tide.


At the brink of his first cycle of the learning curve a young and socially skilled nerd illustrated a few forces that shape the future: sheer and unlimited imagination, a feel for technology, the significance of wholes & holes and timing; hitting at the most opportune time. He added a touch of conventional wisdom: the significance of laughter in the sombre moments when the going gets tough. A winner in the make has left another footprint on the uncharted landscape of his future.


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  1. louisna het gesê op Junie 21, 2010

    Thanks ekke. Hierdie ware verhaaltjie is Aricana in ons huishouding.

  2. louisna het gesê op Junie 21, 2010


  3. louisna het gesê op Junie 22, 2010

    Selle daar MaanKind

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