The great call

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In a small and highly conservative community at least 3 highly respected clergymen fell prey and responded to the great call. One continued calling while he vigorously quoted the relevant sections of the Ten Commandments from the pulpit. 



Women view adultery by their loving husbands as the mother of sin. Men are even worse and whorify their cheating wives, even after a single encounter judged as having had merit from various logical perspectives. Sex, as the Bible tells us, is the ultimate sharing of love between two people in the holy state of matrimony.  By far the majority of men had their fare share of sex before marriage, but are deeply worried about what could happen with their 16-year old daughters on their first date.



Powerful men, American presidents included, and the great call have been associated for ages.  Most really powerful men and the sin of the flesh have met sometime and somewhere. Why? Let us watch the tango in slow motion:


He calls the music:


Hypothesis 1:          Powerful men fire on all cylinders and answering the call is part of giving structure to their energy driven lives.

Hypothesis 2:          Powerful men are used to taking risks and answering the call, with its perceived short term payoff, is part of the risk

Hypothesis 3:          Powerful men are creative and downing a beauty is a further challenge to his creative abilities



She calls the music:


Hypothesis 1:          Powerful men intrigue the fairer sex. Women use their magic merchandise as first step to enter a powerful world

Hypothesis 2:          The perceived power of wealth.

Hypothesis 3:          Their husbands are non-achievers


Looking at the above simplistic causes in isolation is obviously a grave underestimation of the genetic magnetism that exists between the sexes.  The brute and unstrained power of the flesh comes into play in all corners of the world. The powerful man is merely an idealised catalyst to offset the process. 

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  1. louisna het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Waaroor dink jy kelly?

  2. louisna het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Jy skryf baie sense Kelly. Ontrouheid word dalk ge-ooridealiseer.

    Ek dink geweld (insluitende emosionele geweld) moet swaarder weeg op die straflys.

  3. louisna het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Thanks Elsie

  4. Ook nie lus om te dink vandag nie.

  5. louisna het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    OK. Dan moet ons seker doen.

  6. FOXY1975 het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Ek is geneig om 100% met jou saam te stem Kelly. Mens raak nie sommer net vir die grap in so ‘n verhouding betrokke nie – ek dink in elk geval in sekerlik meer as die helfte van die gevalle het dit niks met lus uit te waai nie!

  7. louisna het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Spot on

  8. jannel1 het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Buite-egtelike seks is die resultaat en nie die oorsaak, van iets wat reeds in die huwelik fout geloop het.

  9. louisna het gesê op Maart 10, 2010

    Ek stem saam Jan.

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