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I don’t say it’s good. I don’t say it’s bad. I say it the way it is.


At the age of 15 my parent’s and their fourtysomething friends looked pretty old to me. Ten years later, at 25 and at the brink of the holy institution of marriage, they looked even older and much nearer to the end of their lives on earth. At our 30th matric anniversary some former female colleagues, rapidly approaching 50, appealed to me at the brink of their beauty. They smelled much better than the first girls I kissed; their faces were incredibly made up; their wit splendorous; in short; their total giving excelled the best I’ve ever seen and experienced in half a century.


Granted, sexy women anywhere between 18 and 60 appeal to 50-year old males, but the problem occurs on the returning side of the argument. Not all 50-year old males appeal to the women in  said category, especially those in the first two quadrants, unless of course if you’re super rich.


Life so far has been full of surprises. Now, half a century since my first cry as infant I feel younger than 35 years ago when I first grasped the real meaning of age. At fifty one sees life through a different dimension of time and space. 


At fifty by far most WAM’s have had at least one encounter with the flesh outside the small circle of holy matrimony. The desire for the brutal flesh has been the most significant call on male senses since the origin of mankind. This desire was overwhelming long before man inhabited mother earth. If the theory of evolution is but one percent correct, sexual contact was perfected before the most basic form of organic life emerged from cosmic discharges.


No form of play can be fairly, or remotely, compared with the mother of play. Imagine a slender tall woman showing you a glimpse of her round breast firmly covered in a thin lace bra when she incidentally or intentionally bends down? Imagine a dress with a sizeable slit and a brief glimpse at blue silk panties with a slightly see through insertion over the hidden treasure? Is the call of calls fair to the limits of the normal man?


I often wondered about the fairness of the section in the scripture dealing with the fundamental issue of temptation. In broad terms it implies that people will never be tempted beyond their reason or abilities. Did I understand it correctly? Is lace covered flesh strengthened by a subtle smile included in the metaphor?

17 antwoorde op HINDSIGHT OF A 50-YEAR YOUNG WAM

  1. Sanseveria het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Kom ons aanvaar dat dit nie so is nie, want anders sou dit mos in detail uitgespel gewees het (soos soveel van die ander sondes).

  2. louisna het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Thanks vir jou begrip en insig.

  3. mfutcher het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Ouboet, ek het gelees en ek sal terugkom na jou.
    Baie ware stukkie

  4. louisna het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Jule poppe maak my dag met julle insig en begrip.

  5. louisna het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Veilige strateeg…..

  6. mfutcher het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Ag eks bly ons kan darem iemand se daggie maak, hehehe

  7. louisna het gesê op Maart 9, 2010


  8. louisna het gesê op Maart 9, 2010


  9. tigresscap het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Hoe anders sal ‘n man dan weet waar sy perke is en hoe anders sal ‘n man leer om weg te kyk, eerder in sy ander helfte se rigting?

  10. louisna het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Pragtige invalshoek op ‘n ware verhaal. Vervang net ander helfte met beter helfte.

  11. Sara.Marais het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Nee, dit kan nie ingesluit wees nie, want vrouens het nie satyn en kant gedra daardie tyd nie. Lol!!

    En ek vermoed hulle het selde gesmile.

  12. Sara.Marais het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Dan moet die ander helfte natuurlik net sorg dat sy darem kykbaar is 🙂

  13. louisna het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Spot on. Thanks.

  14. louisna het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Einste. Man moet nie rede soek om rond te loop nie.

  15. jannel1 het gesê op Maart 9, 2010

    Gelukkig is my vrou nie bang om te terg nie – dit hou my oë (okay nie altyd nie) en my hande en ander goed (altyd) op die regte plek.

  16. louisna het gesê op Maart 10, 2010

    Jy is ‘n voorbeeldige man Jan.

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