Rock Climbing at Durbanville Children’s Home

October 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

Monique on the wall

Monique on the wall

Over the past four years our rock-climbing team has reached new heights, even literally!

In 2016 two of our children qualified for the national championships in Lead Climbing.

On the 30th of September all of us were extremely excited when we took these two to the Cape Town International Airport from where they flew to the National Lead-Climbing Competition which was held on the 1st and 2nd of October 2016 at City Rock, Johannesburg. Here they represented the Western Province Climbing Team.

Both made it to the finals.


We were humbled by the donors who had assisted us financially so that both the children could travel by aeroplane to Johannesburg. For the young boy it was his first flight ever.


We have been given permission to publish the name and face of Monique, a quiet, soft-spoken girl who has now represented Western Province for two years in a row. She took part in the under-15 category. The name and face the boy, who participated in the under-9 category, will, for his safety, not be published yet.

The rock climbers from the Durbanville Children’s Home are members of the Top Out Climbing Club; they are also sponsored by Western Cape Climbing and they are registered with the South African National Climbing Federation.

Our children enjoy being part of a challenging sport, and they love the the opportunity to socialise and make new friends outside the Durbanville Children’s Home. Going on rock-climbing camps in Montagu and in the Cederberg Mountains is another source of joy.

Rock climbing meant a lot for the children’s self-esteem and inner strength; they overcame their fear of height, got in touch with their own body strength and learned to trust the people guiding the rope.


Their coach, ms Delaney, Carpenter, is a screened volunteer of the Durbanville Children’s Home and has a very good rapport with the children. We are also privileged to have an international volunteer who holds national colours for rock climbing in Germany.

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