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How you can help spread the smile

September 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

At the Durbanville Children’s Home we often get asked: “How can we help?” Below are are a few ways in which you can help put a smile on a little one’s face.


We need non-perishable food items for food parcels

It is very important that our children visit their parents or significant others during school holidays, to ensure that they keep in contact with the communities that they have been removed from. Some of our children visit low-income family members during school holidays and we supply an average of 50 children with food parcels.

If you would like to contribute to this project, please send an email to for the list of items needed, or, if you would like to make a financial donation, our banking details can be found below. Please use FOODPARCEL in your reference.

We are expanding our charity shop!

Our charity shop has proven to be very successful and has had a very positive impact on our fundraising targets. We are in the process of converting two garages into a space to sell second hand furniture.

We need the following items: paint, lights, sliding doors, trellidoors and volunteers to help with the labour or a financial donation towards this project is also welcome. Please use CHARITYSHOP in your reference.

Creating a sustainable garden!

The Durbanville Children’s Home takes great pride in the neatness of our grounds and facilities. As everyone knows, water shortages have become a big problem and the problem will only grow bigger in the future. Therefore we have decided to incorporate more “water wise” plants into our garden.

We would like to ask the community to get involved with this project by donating plants, fertiliser, garden rocks, and garden-centre vouchers, or by making a financial donation. Please use GARDEN in your reference.

Volunteer as a homework hand!

All our children need urgent help with their homework; we need the help and support of individuals and groups to assist our children. We invite you to become a homework volunteer, even if it is just once a week. These sessions take place from Monday to Thursday, 15:00 to 17:00. Please contact Yvonne at, should you want to get involved.

Our banking details are as follows:

Account Name: BADISA Durbanville Kinderhuis

Account number: 1410-290-983

Branch code: 334810

Type of account: Cheque account

Bank: ABSA Bank Durbanville


Die gesig van 2020 se Olimpiese Spele?

September 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

(Is this the face of the 2020 Olympics? See English below.)


By die Durbanville Kinderhuis streef ons daarna om elke kind met ’n droom toe te rus. Bronwyn George*, weet presies wat sy droom is: Hy wil in 2020 vir Suid-Afrika aan die 5000m deelneem in die Olimpiese Spele.

Dit het alles vir Bronwyn begin toe hy saam met Jana van Rensburg en haar man, Jacques, aan een van die Durbanville Kinderhuis se veldlope deelgeneem het. Bronwyn het die ander deelnemers te pletter gehardloop.

Jana en Jacques is self kranige hardlopers en hulle het besluit om Bronwyn meer gereeld saam te neem na wedlope toe. (Jana werk as bemarker en fondswerwer vir die Kinderhuis.)

Nou is daar geen keer meer aan Bronwyn nie – hy het onlangs sy WP-skolekleure verdien in landloop en die pragtige skoene op die foto’s het hy ook gewen tydens ’n wedloop.

Dit is egter nie al nie. Op Sondag 11 September het hy ’n goue medalje gewen tydens die Cell C Day of Races. Sy tyd oor die 5 km was ’n ongelooflike 16:06. (Hier is ’n berig waarin melding gemaak van sy prestasie.)

Nou is die vraag: Kan Bronwyn George teen 2020 vir die Olimpiese Spele kwalifiseer?  Om ’n 13:25 te hardloop sit nie in enige ou se skoene nie, maar ons gaan saam met Bronwyn George droom – en ons gaan hom ondersteun so ver ons kan. Danksy ons ondersteuners kan ons vir Bronwyn help; en ons waardeer elke skenking wat van ons donateurs kom.

Jy kan ook ’n verskil maak. Kliek hier om meer uit te vind.


At the Durbanville Children’s Home, we strive to equip every child with a dream. Bronwyn George** knows exactly what his dream is: He wants to represent South Africa in the 5000m during the 2020 Olympics.

It all started for Bronwyn when Jana van Rensburg and her husband, Jacques, took Bronwyn along to participate in one of the Durbanville Children’s Home’s trail runs. Bronwyn obliterated the other participants.

Jana and Jacques, who are avid runners, decided to take Bronwyn along to more races. (Jana works as a marketing and fund-raising assistant at the Durbanville Children’s Home.)

Now there is no stopping Bronwyn – he has recently earned his Western-Province Schools colours in cross country and the beautiful shoes he is wearing, he won by running for them.

That is not all. On Sunday, September 11, Bronwyn won gold at the Cell C Day of Races. His time over the 5km was an incredible 16:06. (Here is a news report in which his performance is mentioned.)

Now for the question: Can Bronwyn George qualify for the Olympics in 2020? To run a 13:25 is not easy, but we will support Bronwyn to chase his dream.

Thanks to our supporters we can help Bronwyn and we appreciate every donation that comes from our donors.

You too can make a difference to Bronwyn and others like him, please click here to see how.


*Gereelde lesers sal weet: dit is selde dat ons die geleentheid kry om ons kinders se name en gesigte te noem, maar in hierdie geval mag ons.

**Frequent readers will know: we seldom have the opportunity to name our children and to show their faces, but in Bronwyn’s case we are allowed to.

Rock climbing? Our donors rock!

September 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

Thank you everyone! The Durbanville Children’s Home has received enough donations to take the two awesome kids to Gauteng to participate in the National Championships for rock climbing! Thank you! Enkosi! Dankie! (We posted our request here.)

This young man in the photo is from the USA, he donated some of his own money to the Durbanville Children’s Home.

Our donors rock!

PS: We hope to announce another exciting rock-climbing opportunity soon!


Children’s Home? Be Happy!

September 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

This amazing young reader exudes a quirky sense of happiness.

Like many of the kids in the Durbanville Children’s Home, she is keen to help other children when she grows up.

We are proud of the children in our care, because they care.

With this young woman we’d like to say: Be happy!


Child known as: Girl 17

Language: English

Birthday: 18 March

Age: 17

School: FHS

Grade: Grade 9

Favourite colour: Black and pink

What do you like doing? Read and eat

What do you want to be when you grow up? Child-care worker

You feel sad when: Someone is mad at me.

You feel glad when: I eat, laugh and read books

Size of T-shirt: Medium

Size of shorts or skirt: 34 / 36

Shoe size: 5 / 6

Urgent funds needed for our Rock-Climbing children to represent Western Province on National Level

September 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

Two of our children have been awarded provincial colours in Rock Climbing. We need R2 500 per child to make it possible for them to represent Western Province at National level.


In 2013 the Mountain Club of South Africa invited our children to experience rock climbing and learn new skills while having fun at the same time.

Since 2014 two groups of children, eight per group, from the Durbanville Children’s Home attended training sessions on alternative Friday afternoons. Our children showed excellent progress and five of them were selected to become members of the City Rock Climbing Club.


Two of our kids have provincial colours

This year two children were selected to represent Western Cape Climbing in Johannesburg during the National Championships which will take place on the 1st and 2nd of October 2016.

The girl competes in the under 15 category, and this is the second year she was awarded her Western Province colours.

The boy is nine years old and will be on an airplane for the first time in his life. He will represent the Western Province in the under 13 age group.


Why we need support

Since 2013 the Durbanville Children’s Home has been subsidized by the MCSA and WCC which includes the training, camps, competitions and transport.

With two children from the Home attending the National Championships, the financial burden on the WCC is much bigger and we have received a request to assist with the expenses. WCC will cover the costs of the accommodation and transport in Johannesburg, as well as the climbing gear.

In order for our children to attend, the Home has to cover airfare to and from Johannesburg. This will cost R2 500 per child.

We call on the support of our generous donors to assist, giving our children the chance to show off their skills and determination.

You can donate via EFT. Our banking details are as follows:

Account Name: BADISA Durbanville Kinderhuis

Account nr: 1410-290-983

Branch code:   334810

Type of account: Cheque account

Bank: ABSA-bank Durbanville

Reference: YourName+Surname/ROCK

Swift: absazajj (for overseas payments)