Jadene: “I need people to believe in me.”

June 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

What happens to our children once they are no longer under our roof? Jadene, 20, is presently studying in the dramatic arts with the assistance of Durbanville Children’s Home.

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“I know what it feels like to lose everything. To lose your mom, dad and two younger sisters and be an outcast and have no support from you family. I really need this. It is so much more than acting. I need people to believe in me.”

jadeneShe chatted to Mika Williams of Tygertalk about the circumstances that led to her being placed at the Durbanville Children’s Home, her stay with us and her dreams for the future.

* * *

Aspiring actress Jadene, is no stranger to hardship and has used her turbulent childhood as a catalyst for her acting career.

“I was 12 when my two younger sisters and I were removed from my parent’s home due to substance abuse. We were placed into foster care with my aunt for a about a year or two. When things turned sour, I was sent here, and my sisters were placed into foster care in Oudshoorn.”

Jadene admits to rebelling “quite a bit” when she arrived at the home four years ago.

It was very tough in the beginning. It has been a struggle. I didn’t adapt easily. I was rebelling like crazy. This is the first year I have actually accepted the reality. I realised that the sooner I accepted this, the sooner I could move away from the pain.”

Her life experience informs the material she conceptualises.

“If I didn’t go through the things I did, I wouldn’t be here right now. I wouldn’t be able to show raw truth and emotion. I tap into the emotions of the past to portray characters in the present.

When asked where she sees herself in 10 years, she quips: “I see myself acting and owning a mansion in Beverly.”


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