Baleka Mbete crosses the line

Februarie 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

In the Rwandan genocide, the “others” were revered to as cockroaches. Those cockroaches had to be killed until the graves were full.

It was a simple strategy: Dehumanise the enemy and tell your followers that, since these “others” were lesser beings, killing them was not a problem.

On Saturday 14 February, the ANC stooped to the same levels. ANC national chairperson Baleka Mbete, was reported saying: “If we don’t work we will continue to have cockroaches like Malema roaming all over the place”.

Well, well. Was that why armed police were called in to remove the EFF from parliament – a move that has never even been paralleled by the NP?

Is that why the SABC’s cameras were instructed not to show the violent removal of people asking when or how Zuma would pay back the money?

Is that why an extremely convenient technical “glitch” happened so that cellphones, the one medium that would show the police in action in parliament, would not work?

I am sorry. Not only was Mbete’s actions on Thursday night beyond comprehension, she has now crossed the line in using Rwandan tactics.

Please read the book Inyenzi by Andrew Brown to see why Mbete’s words are not innocent at all. (The word inyenzi means cockroach.)



On a much better note: I want to urge everyone in this country to listen to Charlie Chaplin’s brilliant speech from the movie The Great Dictator.

Please watch this. It is only five minutes, but we can save the world if only we would all do what he asks.

charlie chaplin

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