The Art of Possibility

November 26, 2014 in Uncategorized


This is one of two posts my wife has send. We both love books and often, but not always, read the same ones.

When one of us reads a book the other one won’t have time for, we chat about it. I have heard A LOT about this one!

Here is Elma’s take on The Art of Possibility, by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander.

This is a delightful book that challenges the reader to look at the world differently. Benjamin Zander draws on his experience as conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, and Rosamund on her experience as a family therapist. Together they tell stories to share insights and demonstrate practices such as “giving an A”.

The highlight in the book for me is “rule number six” – you will have to read the book to understand what it means.

I am smiling as I type this, it is really a wonderful book!

The Art of Possibility is for sale as follows – just click on the links:

A printed book

An audio book

An e-pub

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