Tannemys hasn’t quite left the building

Desember 6, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Just battling a wee bit of bacterial infection in my lungs. It is called haemophillus influenza, and has been plaguing me for almost six weeks now.

If you have a baby of know of somebody who has, PLEASE tell them to NOT skip the HiB-immunisation, as it is the haemophillus influenza bacteria that causes things like meningitis, certain pneumonia and bronchitis (to name but a few).

It spreads like wildfire in poor communities, and especially attack those with compromised immune systems. Which made me think: we are probably ALL exposed to this on a daily basis in SA.

I have been through all the antibiotics on the market (finishing number five tomorrow), cortisone, nebulising, went to see an ENT, even had a CT-scan. Luckilly I insisted on a sputum and blood test, otherwise I would have been barking away inbetween having fevers and feeling TOTALLY drained of energy, and we still would have been none the wiser.

Next stop: pulmunologist. Or so my doctor says. However, the lung doctor can only see me in two weeks time, and I don’t know if I have the patience for that.

Tired of coughing and feeling tired. Therefore, off to bed. Must try to write two articles tomorrow, and will need all my energy for that.

PS: On the Ebenaezer-front we got R3200’s donations so far. A HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed so far. My friend Ludi also pledged a wonderful gift to each and every one of the old people to inspire them and make them feel appreciated and needed. I will tell you more real soon!



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  1. malma het gesê op Desember 6, 2010

    I do hope you get better soon, Tannemys. Thanks for the reminder about the HiB – I must remind my DIL for baby to get it.
    So glad to hear about the donations to Ebenaezer. Wonderful.

  2. Storm10 het gesê op Desember 6, 2010

    Oh shyte, this sounds seriaas! I have never been sick in the last 15 years and got Pneumonia 2 years ago and bad bronchitis every year after, please explain what this bug is.

  3. Inderdaad!

  4. It is, isn’t it? They will have a nice Christmas, at least.

  5. Storm, if you get sick again, INSIST that they test a pleghm-sample from your lungs. (Ghastly, but necessary to take them a sample in a sterilised bottle.) After four weeks of coughing and coughing and fevers and more fevers, I just got fed-up, because this was not getting any better despite bedrest (which I never do as I work for myself, but did this time) and antibiotics etc.
    I was having visions of TB etc, as this was a different feeling and cough from any other I’ve had before. It’s like a deep tightness, like you can’t breathe properly. I woke up extremely tired ever since I got sick, but now understands it’s because I had an infection in my lungs which couldn’t be picked up by listening to my lungs. Which the doctor did every visit.
    Do you know “kroep”? That hacking kind of cough that children battle with? This is the adult version of it. Bark, bark, bark until you almost taste the blood.
    The bloody germ sent us on wildgoose chase to start with. It presented at first with severe sinisitus, so the GP and I concentrated on that so much that the coughing took us completely unaware. I was sick for three weeks before the coughing started.

  6. Sterkte jong. Dis nie lekker om nou siek te wees nie. Hoop dit gaan nog goed met jou? x

  7. Storm10 het gesê op Desember 6, 2010

    Thank you Tanny, I am glad to say this does not quite sound as bad as you had it …yet. But I will keep your advice at heart!!! for next time- hell, they never do seem to take a sputum sample! Hope you will feel better real soon, please let us know how you are!!!! xxx

  8. inadk het gesê op Desember 7, 2010

    Word gou gesond – dit is veral in die somer nie lekker om met die longe siek te wees nie- Hou uit vir die Longspesialis – om seker te maak alles word 100% gesond!

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