You MUST watch this ad, and please spread the word – a VERY sobering thought

November 26, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

As received per e-mail. This one makes you think. I agree with the person who thought of making it an e-mail campaign. He/she writes:

This is perhaps one of the most intense commercials that I’ve ever seen and it’s well made. I hope that by passing this along to others, that it will make a difference and if just one life is saved, it will all be worth the effort. Maybe you save a life today or tomorrow or in the future. I think that Australia should be complemented on having the guts to “tell it like it is” and get this campaign out to all of its licensed drivers and to air it on TV…it is very moving and has a very strong impact.”

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  1. Yikes!

  2. najsyu het gesê op November 26, 2010

    Bloody hell! Amazing how sobering an accident can be, people are always sorry after wards, but before they think they too bloody clever by drinking, I have sense of humour failure when I see people drinking and driving,even them talking about it makes my blood boil, as I have seen all of this and more in real life, I have passed on the messages of a dead family member, I have tried to save the lives of the injured, I have heard the screams of agony and loss..

    We need adverts like that here to stop people driving like they do..

    I was a paramedic for a few yrs and a cop for ten yrs, I am actually feeling nauseous now as all the memories of the bodies and carnage have come flooding back..

    I am going to link to this blog if you dont mind and use the same clip, I think all of us should post this clip so we can at least try a save some people this silly season..

  3. Excellent! I wonder, though, if it really has the required impact on the sort of idiots who feel that driving when drunk is a manly thing to do?

  4. Spread the word, Henry!

  5. With pleasure, Misa.

    Yep, as you know I lost my mom in a car accident, and my brother (who was driving) DID’T even drink and drive. It was just some loose gravel on a dirt road, and there we went, rolling. It really changed my life forever. I can’t even think what one must feel like if you caused somebody’s death because of having one too many.

    I was married to an alcoholic, and remember the fights when I took the key. On the nights I didn’t, I remember praying all the time that we arrive safely.

    Let’s spread the word FAR and wide. I also put the link on my FB.

    And yes, one doesn’t EVER forget the blood, the screaming and crying. To this day I hear the sound of rocks, sand, grass and branches against the car as we rolled. And the absolute terror when I realised my daughter went through the windscreen. And then seeing my mom and dad…

    My daughter luckily – or no, by the grace of God, luck had nothing to do with it – broke three small bones in her hand. But when I ran to her and saw her lying face down like a limp rag doll in the middle of this road, I nearly died.

    And then, minutes later my mom died. Broken neck, broken back, rib through the lungs, burst liver… And nothing was ever the same for our family.

  6. Probably not, Colonialist. But maybe the rest of us will remember and try and be more alert. Or serve less beers at parties, or take a friend’s car keys and let him sleep on the couch.

  7. najsyu het gesê op November 26, 2010

    seeing it for yourself is a pretty strong message Col, the ads we have here in SA don’t show the real grit and gore,SHOCK tactics are needed.

    Sadly people have to experience it to understand that it can happen to anybody at any time..

  8. najsyu het gesê op November 26, 2010

    Eish, that makes my blood run cold,
    I just get road rage when I see people taking unnecessary chances, I just want to grab them and shake the stupid out of them,

    Sadly people dont get it until they have either experienced it for themselves or have seen it for themselves, warnings make no difference unless it is graphic and show the real truth of accidents.

  9. I agree. Remember those adds on the beer trucks sometime ago? The guy with the disfigured face?
    There is too much being done in this country about smoking (and advertising tobacco) and absolutely the legal minimum about drinking. Possibly because we have such fine examples leading us amidst the fumes of the different colours Johnnies and the Jack Daniels.
    Robert McBride is an excellent example of the point I’m trying to make.

  10. polvy het gesê op November 26, 2010

    Oh WOW!!! This ad should be compulsory viewing at the start or every party right through the year.

  11. TheoRed het gesê op November 26, 2010 eye opener for sure…
    My daughter lives in Adelaide and she has commented that they take drink driving very, very serious;y in South Aus.
    Thanks for the link….

  12. Your poor husband! He must have been devastated! And yes, another good reason to stop drinking!


  13. I agree. And in school. And note, they say it took almost 30 years of showing ads like this before they saw a significant decrease in alcohol related road deaths. So, it will have to be repeated.

  14. Pleasure Lucy! Yes, my friends who live in Oz said the same.

  15. You’re right, Misa.

  16. ‘n trok het 10 voor 7 in die oggend oor my gery, die bestuurder was nie onder die invloed nie maar is ook nooit aan gekla nie, 3 jaar later sit ek nog met die letsels en nagmerries en daai man bestuur nog trokke!

  17. Hi Silly. Skies, ek was siek, het nie kom lees nie. Ai, hoe kan so iets gebeur? Hoekom is hy nie vervolg nie?

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