Can we do this for them?

November 23, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Remember my post some time ago about Ebenaezer Care Centre who needed to bury four of their residents but didn’t have the money to do it? Well, some of you came to the party and donated double what they needed for the funerals.

But, as silly season is intensifying around me with shops going bananas over Christmas, I can’t help but worry about a place like Ebenaezer. What will they eat over Christmas? Will there be any gifts?

Two friends and I decided we will sponsor the Christmas lunch for the centre’s almost 200 permanent inhabitants (the number varies as more people get dumped this time of the year by families). But true to Shirley’s nature (she is the Mama Africa and angel in charge of Ebenaezer) she decided that her centre’s people are not the only ones who deserve a good Christmas.

She has this wish (note: not a demand) to be able to feed 500 needy children from the surrounding squatter camp on Christmas day. All she wants for them is a piece of chicken each, some salad, and some juice. Not much, if I think of our own Christmas lunchtables groaning under the food.

And, if possible, a small parcel each. Of anything. (In this regard: It may not be possible to stretch our budgets as far as a toy, but I live in Alberton, and we have some brilliant sweet factories around. Just think how excited a child from a home where there isn’t even money for food will be over a well planned lucky packet of sorts!)

Who of you wants to help us make Ebeneazer’s dream for Christmas come true? Please let me know.

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  1. malma het gesê op November 23, 2010

    Can you inbox me the banking details please, Tannemys. I have a few bob I can spare.

  2. Thanks MM!

  3. Tannemys
    I would like to offer to host a Toy-Toy session to manufacture some wooden toys for Ebenhaeser children. All we need is some volunteers with a Saturday on their hands, to select a suitable date and venue (we are in the Alberton area) and then we can roll.

  4. malma het gesê op November 23, 2010

    Can you resend the details with a heading attached. The message won’t open without one. Thanks.

  5. Will do.

  6. Thanks Lodewikus. I think we must tackle this next year, and start early to make Christmas 2011 even better than the one we are planning for this year. Thanks also for your donation.

  7. Lyndsay het gesê op November 29, 2010

    Where is this organisation?

  8. Hi
    Just outside Johannesburg, literally just after the Grassmere Tollplaza on the outskirts of Ennerdale.

  9. Near Ennerdale outside Johannesburg, just after the Grassmere toll plaza.

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