Zapiro on the freedom of the press, The New Age and the SABC

November 2, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Let me quickly share this with you before they pass the new law!

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  1. Sounds awfully like passing a stool.

  2. You think they’ll tell us when they’ve passed the law? 🙂 I don’t.

  3. zephur het gesê op November 2, 2010

    Met die nuwe wet sal ons seker ook onse woorde moet tel op die blogs

    ai tog

  4. Only in texture.

    “Ryk en lekker!” comes to mind for some reason.

  5. Nee wat. Daar geen skapies wees wat dit vir ons doen.

  6. @ DV: bwahahahaha!

  7. We’ll probably only find out after they’ve arrested us!

  8. VYGEBOOM het gesê op November 2, 2010

    I refrained from commenting earlier as I thought it would sound political and biased. However, after reading a statement by the SA Nurses Union that the rape of a medical doctor in a hospital indicates “moral decay”, I will comment anyway. We (all South Africans) allowed (passiveness is a form of acceptance) a rapist to become our Head of State. Why are we shocked by rape cases? We accept the appointment of criminals as ministers – why do we complain about billions that are wasted and stolen by politicians and their friends who have suddenly become rich “businessmen”? Are we going to accept them passing this law? How far are we prepared to go to stop it?

  9. This is another very good one. I hope Zapiro is never Zapped.

  10. Good point, Pannevis!

  11. Hi AD! Are you well?

  12. Wonderful, thanks. Hope you are too. xx

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