Tannemys she’s back! (At frikkin last!)

November 2, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

The first day of November. Can you believe it? A year has passed since my dad died on 31 October last year. I am absolutely fine with his death, but just can’t believe how time flies.

Next week it’s the highlight of my children’s life: awards evening at school. Or, actually, FOUR flipping awards evenings. Because I have two kids in different phases of school, and because the grade sixer will be receiving awards for art & culture, leadership and academic excellence. *sigh* Why, oh why, can’t they do it like they did it when we were at school? One evening for everything. Why an evening for arts and culture and a zillion faces you don’t know while you are waiting for the one you know? And then another evening for leadership, same story, and another one for the academic side of things. And yet another one for the Grade 2-boytjie.

When last did you spend three hours in a hot school hall?

But alas, such is life. We rush through it, and then one day you wake up and it is November. Exams, year end functions, planning schedules for the new year. No energy levels and a vague memory of an immune system. I’ve got my second flu in two weeks… Tonight complete with aches and fevers, the whole ketoot.

It is entirely my own fault, of course. Who writes a book of 50 000 words plus in a month? And then cram three month’s worth of magazine articles into two months, with the last round of 17 000 words (9 magazine articles) written in two weeks? With all the normal household and parenting issues that confronts a single mother daily. 

We decided to publish my book in March. It was received so well that everybody at the publishers wanted to include pictures, and you won’t believe how much time it takes to get that together. You try and get pictures out of 16 people if they live all over the world and can only be contacted online! (Some of the time zones differ by ten hours from ours.) But I’m fine with it coming out next year only, because it takes a lot of strain off me at the time of year when energy levels are running VERY low.

Also received contract for second book, and was approached by somebody to write a book about a prominent Afrikaans leader in the previous dispensation. But not sure if I want this project. Will talk money tomorrow morning, so hold thumbs for wisdom on my side. It’s not that I’m ungrateful, it’s just that my journalistic independence and integrity is VERY important to me, and that I don’t know if I can keep it seperate and intact if I take this on. 

I am very blessed with lots of work as it is, and maybe I shouldn’t take my focus away from my own book and my magazine work. I guess I will know tomorrow – am going to name my price, and if it is too much and there is so much as a hint that I should do it for Volk en Vaderland, then I’ll know.

The kids are fine. We worked through all the major sh*t with their dad with the help of a good psychologist, and they have now accepted that he can’t merely stop drinking and change his destructive behaviour overnight. They are praying for him every night, and I’ve made firm rules about when and where he can see them, as I don’t want them to be exposed to his dangerous habits anymore. This includes showing up when he promises, not being late (he sometimes makes them wait for hours) and visiting them at my house because he is always under the influence of something. So far he visited them once, and sometimes two weeks pass without a SMS or a phone call. But the therapist taught them that it is no reflection on them (i.e. it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love them) but that he has a drinking and drug problem that makes him do these things. 

That said, I know it still hurts them, but they are in a much happier space than when this year started. The eldest was elected as prefect, so she can’t wait for next year! The youngest discovered books (nice, thick ones of 90 pages plus) and is losing himself in that, guitar and LOTS of playing.

So, all’s well. Sorry that I have been so scarce, but now you know why! 

5 antwoorde op Tannemys she’s back! (At frikkin last!)

  1. Life is certainly no bed of roses, but you seem to be doing admirably. The staggered prysuitdeling is just absurd. What teaching staff have the time for such nonsense?

  2. zephur het gesê op November 2, 2010

    Hallo Tannemys

    Voorspoed met daai boek jong…

  3. Dankie Zep! Glo dit of nie, maar mens mis Blogland as jy te lank verdwyn!

  4. DV, you ask me. In my days it all took place on one evening. We walked up and down to go and get our prizes, but you only had to do it for one night.
    I think it is because this principal really wants to give each and every child something. Not only the top academic ones. Which, in a way, is good. But it’s still a pain in the butt to sit through all of it!

  5. Three hours four nights in a row, Lee… Do you know what else I can do with that time?? 🙂 But yes, I suppose it’s one of the things a proud mother has to do!

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