Rest in peace, Frieda!

Augustus 4, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Two years ago LAPA publishers approached me with a manuscript, and asked me to develop it into a book. After reading the manuscript, I just knew this had to become a book. And then I met the author, Frieda Bernard, and I had absolutely no doubt that people need to be inspired by this remarkable woman who fought cancer for a whopping ten years. The last eight years she valiantly fought an aggresive type of liver cancer.

The book was written and went through all the motions, and last year, in September I think, we had a launch party for her at Die Boekehuis. Just to hear that she had a massive stroke that morning. From then on it was another massive battle for Frieda, but true to her faith and positive attitude she managed to hang on for almost another year. 

Frieda, may you rest in peace. May God spoil you rotten, and thanks for leaving Die Engele om my bed as a legacy for all those who still have to fight the demon called cancer. You were an inspiration, my friend.

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  1. czardas het gesê op Augustus 4, 2010

    Sorry to hear of her passing, people like this inspire in our lives and it is sad when they lose their own battle with death. I’m sure that her book will continue indeed to be a legacy of hope.

  2. inadk het gesê op Augustus 4, 2010

    R.I.P Frieda – I Still remember the clothes you wore the day we met – so long ago! But that was the strength of the impression she made on me.

  3. ludibirk het gesê op Augustus 4, 2010

    What remains is not whether you won or lost
    But how you played the game…

    In someone Else’s words:
    As we watch her disappearing into the distant horizon, there is a multitude looking into that horizon from the other side rejoicing and saying “here she comes”

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