It’s apartheid’s fault! (Why am I not surprised?)

Augustus 4, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

So, Jackie Selebie got 15 years in jail. Fifteen years too little, if you ask me. Simply because there is a belief that the chief of police, be it in a town, city, province and, lo and behold, a country, should lead by example when it comes to crime. By not doing it. Yep, extra-ordinary expectations, but hey, I’m an optimist.

But then, apparently all of this can be blamed on apartheid. No, not Selebi’s greed. Not his lying and cheating and bribing.

His jail sentence, of course. His brother, one Sulaiman Selebi, yesterday called Judge Meyer Joffe “an apartheid judge” who found his brother guilty in “an apartheids court” according to the “Roman Dutch judicial system of the imperialistic West” that (wait for it!!) “should never have been allowed in this country.”

Ironic, especially in the light of the fact that Selebi clearly loves the Western lifestyle and credo of “more is better”.

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  1. czardas het gesê op Augustus 4, 2010

    Just sour grapes because his brother was correctly sentenced. Don’t worry about the little ankle-kicker he’s just trying for reaction. Jackie is going to sit and that is the main point of news here.

  2. Mau het gesê op Augustus 4, 2010

    I read that article too, ridiculous!

  3. Ag bullshit man, wat van al die wit polisiemanne wat nooit verder bevorder sal word as Kaptein nie omdat hy gese het die “equety” moet eers reg gemaak word!!!

  4. I really wouldn’t pay any attention to anything anyone within a mile of Selebi says.

  5. Napier het gesê op Augustus 4, 2010

    well said, ridiculous!!!
    When you visiting your boet?
    Hope you are well;)

  6. Hop het gesê op Augustus 4, 2010

    The true statement of Selebi’s brother was that Selebi was found guilty and will go to jail because he is not supported by the Political Elite.

    That was a telling statement

  7. inadk het gesê op Augustus 4, 2010

    How lucky to have apartheid to blame, what about we ban that word, like others . . how will the ‘blamers’ then survive?

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