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Mei 31, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

1. Acknowledge the award giver. 

Thanks,  Poppiekreer and Pheasant Plu. (Poppie nominated me a day or two before Plu did, but I was too thick to realise it was a nomination…) 

2. State 7 random / unknown facts about yourself 

  • I was born in the tiny town of Outjo in Namibia (the town lies right next to the Etosha Park).
  • My secret ambition is to be a MC and do more public speaking. (I am told I can be very funny. No idea where people get that idea…) 
  • I should have been a cowboy. I love jeans! 
  • I only turned 17 halfway through Matric.
  • I can be very absentminded. Deur-die-blare, forgetful, call it what you want. I once lost my kids – it later turned out I never even took them with me.
  • I raise my kids without TV. (Or have, for two of the three years since my divorce.) We do have two TV-sets, but they are not connected to aerials or a dish and only used for watching DVD’s once every two weeks or so.
  • I am so poor at maths (not adding up, but the algebra and trigonometry and things) that my St. 8 teacher BEGGED me in Sept of my St. 8 year to stop taking the subject and rather go and take art. Or something. Anything!!! The province’s department of education gave me special permission to drop the subject.

3. Award 10 bloggers that you’ve recently discovered think deserve the award “Versatile Blogger”

Diep in die Sloot


Mr A


Outside of a dog


(And then, of course, there are my old favourites: Pheasant Plu, Hop, Daai Vark, Madmom, Half-pint, Another Day, LO, Wingnut Diaries, Rooikat, Voted…)

7 antwoorde op Random facts

  1. I have done some other wonderful things as well, like falling asleep at a traffic light and waiting patiently for a traffic light to turn green while standing behind about 10 parked cars…

  2. Nice

  3. valleyman het gesê op Mei 31, 2010

    Thanks for the mention, I guess… 😉

    Never mind, I once lost my car keys while sitting in the car! Turns out I had a hole in my pocket and they slipped down and ended up caught on the edge of my shoe…

  4. Hop het gesê op Mei 31, 2010

    I used to forget my daughter at school on a regular basis and then wonder why she did not come for dinner.

    She still reminds me of that

  5. Thanks for the mention Tannemys. I was also the youngest in my class at school. I’m sure you’d be an excellent and highly entertaining MC. Hugs to you.

  6. Wow! You beat me when it comes to being absentminded!

  7. Thanks for NOT nominating me. I don’t think I could easily come up with the requisite random things. I am flattered by your comment.

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