15 days to FIFA WC…

Mei 26, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

… and I find myself in a power failure at OR Tambo, supposedly the biggest international airport in SA (and probably in Africa).

Firstly, I missed my flight to BFN because of traffic chaos (don’t know if it was linked to the power), get booked on a flight an hour later, and then walk into a very dark departure hall.

At first I thought I forgot to take my sunglasses off (which I did), but even after taking them off I thought, hmmm, it’s very dark in here. The lights in the roof (on the second floor, in other words) were on (dimly), but the walkways weren’t walking (not a problem, as I had only hand luggage). Then, on the first floor, where all the shops (Woolworths, CNA, etc) and all the restaurants are, there was total darkness. Clients had to stands outside the shops. 

Check-in went fairly well, but took slightly longer. My new flight number didn’t appear on the check in screen, and the guy had to run somewhere to try and find out what it was. Everybody was super-friendly, though, and really tried to be helpful.

Walking through security showed me exactly why an international airport – nay, make that any commercial airport handling thousands of people – shouldn’t be without electricity. The X-ray machines scanning hand luggage for anything dangerous weren’t functioning!!! Plus, in the darkness on the second level, anybody could have left a dangerous parcel containing, say, a bomb.

After about 30 minutes of being there, the power came back on. But Wimpy couldn’t serve coffee or even a glass of orange juice, as THEIR SYSTEM WAS OFF! No, not the kitchen, the PC-system. Without which it is apparently IMPOSSIBLE to bring an order to the kitchen’s attention. I waited patiently for 20 minutes, then waaied out of there and went for coffee at a shop nextdoor. I think Cafe Vida?

Anyhoo, flew here with a SMALL small aircraft. A De Haviland something or the other. Luckilly we landed safely. I only missed one meeting, but was in time for the second one. 

Now I must eat my first meal of the day, otherwise I’ll pass out.

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  1. We were out for about 45 minutes to. They obviously only have enough generators to keep essential services running.

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