What’s going through his mind?

Mei 24, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

I own a small menagerie consisting of three cats, six dogs, a witty African Grey, a chattering little kokketiel and a budgie that fills in the background noise.

Now, as any pet lover can tell you, each of our animals have a personality, and (in my case, anyway) a sense of humour. Ally (the plaashond that I got from a farmer insisting she was a thorougbred Boerboel) is a brilliant watchdog. She watches, and at the first sign of danger, runs like hell – the other way! So, if you see her speeding for safety, know there might be trouble.

Dory, named after Nemo’s daft friend, is anything but daft. She is all smiles and has the placid, loving nature of a Labrador (which makes up half of her bloodline). She definitely has a sense of humour, and is all smiles most of the time. Ditto Tiekie, a Maltese cross – fun and games and ready to play and please at the drop of a hat. (She’s trying her best to convince me that she is actually a house dog, despite the difficult task to convince her that she doesn’t HAVE to mess in the house everytime I let her inside). Noddy the Toy Pom just wants to please, and is also always smiling and ready to please. Cindy, the geriatric has doggy’s Alzheimers, and has that far away, out-to-lunch look – permanently.

Pixie the black-dog-of-uncertain-bloodline has a sense of humour, but only with the kids (and of course, with me.) Anybody else must run for their lives, despite the fact that she can’t reach any higher than most people’s ankles.

Then there are the cats. George, the undisputed feline king of the home, has sense of humour written all over him. Also fun guy, shameless flirt, adventurer and man about town. Lilly is but a wee teenager in cat years, and flirts for food. She also spends a lot of her day in the pot with the geranium, and generally keeps to herself. You will know if she’s truly unhappy (which mostly happens if there isn’t a slave at hand to feed her), and sometimes I imagine a little flirty smile on the ever so beautiful Siamese face.

And then there is Grysmuis, who inspired this post. He is a fluffly grey and white cat, and got his name because he looked like a little grey mouse when we got him. He is Lilly’s exact age, but, unlike the other two cats, half the time leaves me wondering whether he is ill, ticked off, sleepy, very cautious or just plain dumb. I can’t read his expression at all.

Oh, what IS going through the little boy’s mind? Is he mad because I had his little thingamagees snipped off when he wasn’t even aware he had a pair, or would he have been in special class if he was a human? Or is he perhaps a young Einstein, bored with the dullness of the world of stupid people?

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  1. Inscrutable is Grysmuis. I think cats are so hard to guess. They play their cards very close to the chest. Gotta love ’em. Hugs to you.

  2. Thanks AD!

  3. Chasing rabbits, probably. Dory does that, and then even “barks”.

  4. I can imagine the name…

  5. I’m a clever girl!

  6. Stefanus het gesê op Mei 24, 2010

    is jou African Grey baie werk? ek wil graag een kry maar het gehoor hulle het Baie aandag nodig

  7. Net bietjie werk aan die begin. Om hulle mak te kry, moet jy hulle handrear. Wat beteken jy kry ‘n kuiken van so twee weke oud, wat gereeld moet gevoer word (so slapperige papmengsel, sommer met ‘n gebuigde teelepel). En dan moet hy maar so naby aan jou wees as moontlik om regtig mak en mensliewend te wees. HOe hegter julle bond aan die begin, hoe beter. Myne is in my kombuis (sit bo op sy hok) en almal wat daar in of uit gesels heeltyd met hom. Hy praat die wonderlikste nonsens in allerhande stemtone, blaf soos al die honde, miaau soos ‘n kat, roep dese en gene om te “kom piepie!” Beste verjaardagpersent wat ek in ‘n lang tyd gekry het. Het hom nou so 4 jaar. Ek sal dit beslis aanbeveel.

  8. Pixie, the mad, bad black dog, was “talking” to me just now. Gives a small yelp, pretend to bite my leg, everything to get me up from behind the PC. Only because her waterbowl in the bathroom was empty…

  9. purplepuppy het gesê op Mei 25, 2010

    miskien is grysmuis om ge ellie omdat hy nie die enigste koning in die huis is nie en wag hy geduldig vir die res van die “gang” om te besef hulle is eintlik die volgelinge en hy die Meester 🙂

  10. Dalk PP. Dalk. Hy is dalk ‘n gefrustreerde diktator…

  11. tadale het gesê op Mei 25, 2010

    I really enjoyed reading this post, a very diverse bunch indeed!

  12. optout het gesê op Mei 26, 2010

    Gosh sounds like a full house, I guess there is never a dull moment. What wonderful, faithful friends our animals are. Can’t imagine my life without at least one animal to love and care for.

  13. Me neither! I hope to always be in the position to have pets. Yesterday I interviewed the miners caught in the Aurora-mine’s “liquidation” (I think this was merely a quick rich BEE-scheme, hence the “)and one of the things that touched me most was that people had to take their beloved pets to the SPCA. After not receiving a salary for 3,5 months, one guy was so broke that he had to give his beloved African Grey parrot away because he couldn’t afford birdseed. Can you imagine the heartache?

  14. Thanks Tad!

  15. optout het gesê op Mei 26, 2010

    That’s so sad and it makes me so angry to hear how greedy excuses for humanity mess with peoples lives. I saw some coverage on Aurora, on Carte Blanche I think, and thought that the management who were interviewed were ducking and diving – they never gave a straight answer. I’m not even sure they understood the questions.

  16. They are ducking and diving with the payment as well.

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