Only in South Africa…

Mei 21, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Does the nanny who let almost-murderers into her employer’s house, get to go to the CCMA about unfair dismissal. I’m of course referring to baby Marzahn Kruger’s nanny, who was dismissed last week by Marzahn’s parents, who (quite rightly, mefinks) said they don’t trust her with their child anymore.

Add to this that Marzahn was only sent home yesterday after weeks in hospital (so, technically there wasn’t a job for the nanny, as the Sandton Clinic has been her home for almost a month now). The proverbial cherry on the top of this sad story is that Marzahn was left blind after fighting for her life for weeks.

Apparently Sekhu has a good chance to win the CCMA-proceedings.

What did the bloody nanny expect? A bonus?

Let’s say she was a bank manager, and she opened the door of the vault for three “friends”, and they robbed the bank blind. Do you think the bank would have been guilty of unfair dismissal if they fired her because they don’t trust her with their money anymore? How much more when it is a child’s life at stake?

EDIT: What makes the story of Marzahn even more heartbreaking is that her parents couldn’t have children, and they waited 15 YEARS for this little girl.

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  1. optout het gesê op Mei 21, 2010

    Of course it would depend on whether her employers had sanctioned her entertaining “visitors” in the past. Personally I think her dismissal was the correct and only thing to under the circumstances. I would not want to hand over my child to someone who made such a gross error of judgement a second time.
    But lets be real – this is not about getting her job back – its about how much money she can extract from her employers as compensation.

  2. Choccies het gesê op Mei 21, 2010

    Ek kan dit ook nie glo nie.

  3. Indeed.

  4. Angelor het gesê op Mei 21, 2010

    Perhaps the law requires that she lets you child get beaten up thrre times with 3 warnings before you can fire her?.. I pity anyone that ever touches one of my children…

  5. Yep, three written warnings.

  6. Indeed.

  7. valleyman het gesê op Mei 21, 2010

    Huh. She’ll get a financial settlement from the CCMA, depend on it…

  8. Yep, she’ll get a financial settlement, while people are contributing to a fund to take care of Marzahn’s medical costs. And think of the financial implications for her parents in the long run. Special schools, possible brain damage, etc. But no, the labour law shall protect the idiot who literally and figuratively opened the door for this to happen. I still had a lot of sympathy for her when we all thought she was overcome by the assailants, but after hearing that she opened the door, it evaporated.

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