A funny cartoon about the Bulls and the the soccer at Orlando Stadium

Mei 21, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

This is, to me, a bitter-sweet cartoon. Because I met the artist, Weyni Deysel, exactly a week ago. We were both in the chemist to collect medicine, and as I have the sort of pharmacist who talks to everybody, he promptly introduced us, saying that I’m a magazine journalist.

I told him that I have always enjoyed his cartoons, was a big fan, blablabla, and we joked about why Willem (the pharmacist) loves seeing us both. Weyni still said it’s because Willem hears the sound of money when we walk into the chemist. My last memory of him will be one of a very friendly, apparently no-frills man. I still noticed the small wooden cross he had around his neck.

By Saturday morning Weyni was dead. Suicide. I don’t know why, I don’t know when or how, but I do know that taking one’s own life probably only happens after you have explored every possible solution for your problems.

May you rest in peace, Weyni.

(This cartoon appeared in the local newspaper Tame Times that hit the streets on Monday. Note the date – 18/05.) 

3 antwoorde op A funny cartoon about the Bulls and the the soccer at Orlando Stadium

  1. robinhawkins het gesê op Mei 21, 2010

    Cool. A rather sad post. So it goes, eh….. it’s the sensitive ones that go that way.

  2. Yep. Us tough old buggers just kick up a hell of a racket and become dark and cynical and outspoken. Of wat seg ek alles?

  3. I love the people’s expressions!

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