Rants (sorry, not much to rave about)

Februarie 25, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Ahoi from Cape Town, also known as Alberton in this neck of the woods. Yep folks, we have once again be blessed with constant rains, falling in that true Cape Town-style. Softly, but consistently. A VERY nice break after the heat.

Tannemys is working her backside off. In between crippling back and neck spasms which had me running to the physio since Friday. There I get the works. Heat packs, acupuncture, a thorough but %&$#! sore back massage. I swear, I don’t want to be my physio’s husband – the woman’s power knows no end. As soon as I return to the workbench, the tension in my back sets in, and the whole thing starts from scratch, sometimes causing migraines.

But even more reason for migraine is living in South Africa. The country of corrupt thieves and dictators-in-disguise posing as youth leaders and parlementarians, the land of the ever increasing electricity bill, and last but not least, the land of Promise. No, not as in the Promised Land. Here we are getting promises only – very little action, a lot of potholes, an even bigger load of bulldust and an ever tightening belt. While we dodge the bullets of hijackers, robbers and rapists.  Oh, sorry, I forget we have NO crime. It’s merely a figment of the overactive media’s overactive imagination.

Lovely to see some form of justice in Adv Barbie’s case. But wait? Why do I feel a little bit dissatisfied? Because there are thousands out there who committed even more heinous, dispicable crimes and they are walking free. When can we expect a justice system and police force that actually works, sometimes even at the same time? And with the same aim: a safer SA. Noticed I didn’t say crimefree? Because that is just plain pie in the sky. Just like rooting out corruption and nepotism and poverty seems to be at this very fragile stage of our democracy.

Before I jump off my VERY HIGH garden wall, let me go and fetch the kids from school…

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  1. Whew – I thought you were going to fetch your ladder.

    Get better soon – and cheers.

  2. Yea gods, you express my sentiments exactly.

  3. I have never felt so negative about this country.
    By the way, your avatar looks EXACTLY like two of my favourite dogs. One was called Bella, and the other Trixie.

  4. He’s an SPCA special, weighed about 250g when I got him last year Jan. Now a hefty 4.6 kg at the last weigh in. Supposed to be x maltese yorkie. Named Fritz. What breeds are yours? I saw one at the local beauty parlour, v similar, but quite a lot bigger.

  5. Mine were both pavement specials. Trixie was my second dog ever (I was about 10). I remember the people where we bought her said the dad was a toy pom and the mother a big French poodle. They had to put him on something to perform the deed. (Yikes, WAAAAAYYY too much info). Trixie was run over by a car when I opened the gate for my dad to drive in when I was 11.
    I got Bella was a real pavement special that looked almost identical to your dog. But what a marvelous personality in that tiny little body! Pure love. She slipped out of my yard in some way, and went to visit a lonely lady a few houses away (this I heard later) while I was at work. (She had three other dog mates at home, but was a real social worker.) One early evening, on her way home, she ran in front of a car in front of my eyes. I was six months pregnant at the time, and cried for weeks, even dreaming about her at night.

  6. It’s amazing how the littles creep into your heart. I have had German Shepherds (usualy 2 for company) until 2000 when I got a new Shepherd and got a little white maltese (much the same size as Fritz). She passed away last year Jan with a suspected brain tumour. Then my Shepherd died last month. I have been absolutely heartbroken since. Shepherds are really noble dogs and very serious most of the time, while the littles have a huge joy of life and boundless affection.

  7. I agree. I have seven dogs and three cats, each with an own personality and LOTS of character!

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