In reaction to Bloggalot/bit’s question: why are we all currently going for Julius Malema?

Februarie 22, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

We are very vocal about JM because he is making very loud noises about things that will change the future of this democracy.

He is Peter Mokaba and Winnie Mandela and necklacing and “kill the farmer, kill the boer” all over again. He is vocal about violence and nationalisation and things that can kill our already suffering democracy (and kill it good).

He was born post-apartheid, yet he goes around blaming almost everything on apartheid. But nothing on the ANC-governments failure to deliver what they promise.

Jewels had the chance to go to school and write matric and couldn’t even do that properly. Compare that to other people who suffered, really, really suffered for better education – I have met many such people in my life. Aher Arop Bol, the author of The Lost Boy, comes to mind. Even JZ, who only has st. 3. (Not that I’m a JZ-fan at the moment)

From a personal point of view: I’m sick and tired of double standards. Jewels is gaaning aan about people exploiting the poor of this country while he is doing exactly that. If he indeed got those tenders, why is there still people without clean water, refuse removal, safe roads etc in Limpopo? And why didn’t he do it for free (like a real communist would have done?) He doesn’t blink an eye about enriching himself, yet jumps on every white South AFrican making a decent living through hard work.

What really irritates me the most is that he is a capitalist himself, but makes socialistic and communist noises just when it suits him.

Talking of suits: how the hell do you get it past your conscience to wear suits that cost R29 000 if there are people dying as a result of the political system you are part of? And that goes for other bling-kings in government as well. (Cravats @ R900, silk ties at R900, handmade shirts at R1300)

I think Julius Malema just chose the wrong time and the wrong things to become vocal about. He made his first BIG mistake when asking where the whites were when the athletes came back.

We (moderate South Africans) are so tired of being called racists by real racists. 

One last comment: I think Madiba spoiled us forever. It seems his shoes can just not be filled by anybody. WE went from having a “foreign affairs, always visiting foreign countries” president to a president also having “foreign affairs”. At least, I think that is why he’s no. 1 wife looked so peeved on the red carpet…

When can we get somebody to run the country without baantjies for boeties (nepotism, Supagran)? And with integrity and the welfare of the majority at heart?  

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  1. 10/10

  2. Agree a hundred percent Tannemys, sometimes he should really just shut up cause everytime he says something its just a load of crap anyways.

  3. Especially the intolerance. That is where all the crap in Zim started…

  4. Very unfortunate situation in our once beautiful country.
    The masses will always vote where the skin colour matches closest, irrespective of promises made – it is in their DNA.
    JM was elected as leader by a system elected by the masses…

  5. Jules ws always just a short term plan for the ANC. He and some of us whiteys got it wrong and thought he was a serious player.

  6. I also wrote about him this morning and so did various other bloggers, so he is still controversial.

  7. Well, I hope his not being primed for a future prez!

  8. I’ also hopping over there. As for playing ostrich, ostrich: sometime you can fool some of the people, and that aint bad…

  9. He will just tell them that he doesn’t have to answer to them, as they are not his electorate. Or some such nonsense!

  10. He’ll answer questions with counter questions. Or he’ll just ignore the question and make random statements.

    It sounds as if most people underestimate JM political savvy…

  11. Excellent article and spot on.

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