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Februarie 22, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Maybe old Jewels M, the “jewel in the ANC’s crown”, should brush up a bit on history. (Warning JM, it’s a bit more difficult than woodwork…)

A lot of very famous people were very sure (why does the expression “cock sure” jump into my head?) when it came to politics. And they saw their backsides without the help of a mirror.

Take for instance the Shah of Iran in 1978 who said: “Nobody can overthrow me.”

And what about Edward Kennedy who said (on April 15, 1980) in the run up to the presidential election: “I can win both the nomination and the presidential contest.”

Or what about something closer to his (communist) heart?

“As Russia collapsed into revolution around her, the Czarina Alexandra showed fine hauteur. Writing to her husband Nicholas II, she typified the revolutionaries as ‘youngters and girls’ who ran around shouting that they had no bread.

‘They do this just to create some exitement. If the weather were cold, they would probably all be staying at home. But the thing will pass and quiet down…”

On the eve of the Revolution, as the mob was forming outside the Winter Palace, she wrote to her husband: “Monday I read another scurrilous proclamation, but I think everything will be all right. The sun is shinging so brightly and I feel so calm and at peace.” (Acknowledgement: Don’t quote me, Don Atyeo & Jonathan Green)

Or is it the rest of us that should start worrying? The noises old Jewels are making has been heard elsewhere on this dark (in someplaces VERY dark) continent of Africa. (And no, Mr. National-Intelligence-Spy, I’m not referring to race, I’m referring to future, as in Dark Future – similiar to Dark Ages, only different… Or not so different, in some cases)

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  1. Mmmm………….. maybe we should nationalise young JM’s businesses first. We can add them to the list of successful state owned enterprises: SABC, Telkom, Eskom, SAA, Sentech, Denel at al.

  2. Hmmm, I wonder just how long it is going to be before the long slide into night becomes a reality?

  3. Jewelias Malignant

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