What people said about cats (and pics of two of my three)

Februarie 18, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Cats are smarter than dogs. You can’t get eight cats to pull a sled through snow. (Jeff Valdes)


“I meant,” said Ipslore bitterly, “what is there in this world that truly makes living worthwhile?”

Death thought about it.

“Cats,” he said eventually. “Cats are nice.” (Terry Pratchet in Sourcery)


‘Nuff said. These are the my other two owners (I showed Grysmuis yesterday).


This is Lilly. Aka Lilleth, named after Frasier’s wife. Because Lilleth was cool and aloof. But Lilleth became Lilly when we got to know that behind the facade of an ice cool looker lurks a playful little girl that can jump almost a metre into the air to scare you if you walk down the passage minding your own business. And she plays hide and seek…


This is George. Aka JorsWorsie, or Jorsie. But mostly George. Because he behaved like royalty from day one. He PICKED me! I went to a haven for rescued street cats and their kittens with the firm purpose of letting Zoe pick herself a kitten. ONE kitten. Then she made a choice (not a pretty choice, I dare say), and this tiny ball of fur casually sauntered up to me. I swear he was grinning! (Seriaas!!) Rubbed himself against my ankle, gave a gentle “miaow” and voila! I went home with two kittens. My pretty bundle of jokes, and Saartjie, George’s little sister. She unfortunately died a year later of Feline Aids (common among streetcats, and NO, I’m NOT joking). But George is thriving and has been my bestest best cat for the last six years. Streetwise, funny, absolutely unafraid of my dogs, addicted to catnip (he “killed” a bush in two weeks flat, and behaves like a total idiot when he smells the stuff.)


And, with him snoring away on my desk, I bade you goodnight. Off to bed, the lot of us!




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  1. Hiya! I was just over there on your blog. Go to bed now, woman! You can’t complete a lot of work in record time if you’re tired!!

  2. Gorgeous puddies!

    Now cats are often much maligned
    By senile females who, inclined
    To think that felines were designed
    To be mere furry playthings,
    Then find that they will seldom stay
    Inside a house by night and day,
    But much prefer to stray away,
    Their failure to remain inside
    Deflates the dear old ladies’ pride,
    And wrathfully they say things.

    And other people tell you that
    When tricks you try to teach a cat
    You’d do as well to teach the mat –
    The cat is stupid, mulish!
    Compare, they tell you, ‘man’s best friend’,
    Who hopefully ‘begs’ on his end
    (A silly way one’s time to spend!);
    The dog thus works to get his food;
    The cat does not; I won’t be rude,
    But which is the most foolish?

    (I wrote this while still at school.)

  3. BRILLIANT (observation and writing).

    I always find it very ironic that I (really much more of a cat person) ended up with only three cats and (on the other hand) six dogs…

    If somebody doesn’t like cats (particularly, of course, mine) I always assume there’s something wrong with them… (The person, not the cat)

  4. Indeed. I must finish an article on coloncancer before 06h30 tomorrow morning, so need to wake up REAL early. Night, night 2Lips (almost wrote 2Tips)

  5. Goodnight! 🙂

  6. Dankie vir die besoek, Tronkie!

  7. Thanks Kalinka!

  8. Aaaa they are just stunning. I love cats.
    You know that cats are the best medicine for stress!!!
    Lekker naweek Tannemys

  9. Yours sounds a tad *uhm* insecure?? 🙂

  10. Ha! A tabby point! Cool.

  11. Thank you, dear kind fellow bloggers, I’ll tell them I’m not the only one that thinks they’re really stunning!

  12. Those EYES! They are both gorgeous.

  13. pawsaw het gesê op Februarie 19, 2010

    Beautiful Snowshoe Cat and George is just as gorgeous.

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