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Februarie 18, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

On Monday we had a cloudburst here in Alberton, and 120 mm fell in two hours. Which of course created havoc with traffic, as water was literally reaching car doors. Lot’s of cars breaking down, and road-vultures having a ball. Actually, several balls…

On Thursday night we had a similiar storm. It was also the night my youngest (Luc, now 8) was very upset once again about his dad (who, thank heavens, is working in Sishen at the moment).

For those not in the know: I blogged about my ex and his problems and how it affects my kids in December, but since then a lot more things happened which forced me to actually refuse him access to the kids. Legally I can do it, as it formed part of our divorce settlement as he has this little dagga-and-booze problem.

Luc actually went as far as saying he hates his dad (a VERY loaded statement for an otherwise happy-go-lucky, outgoing, loving 8-year old). He refuses to even speak to his dad on the phone. So, both kids started therapy two weeks ago to help them over this bump.

No, this story is not about my ex, but about smelling God. Read on.

To make a long story short: I am also going to therapy at the moment to deal with a lot of things: my anger at how my ex is messing up my kids’ lives, the death of both my parents in a space of 15 months, the stress under which I was for 13 months while looking after my very sick dad, etc. I am trying a new kind of therapy which so far brought the MOST AMAZING results: Theophostic Prayer-therapy. In a nutshell: my therapist has a doctorate in this form of therapy. It involves you telling your story, with specific reference to how situations make you feel (emotions), what you remember (memories), the truth and the lie (your perception of what really happened and what your mind makes you believe). It also involves prayer (in the session) where the therapist ask God to bring the memories to the fore that caused you to believe certain things about yourself, or caused you to experience certain emotions.

I have only been for two sessions, but remembered two life changing moments that I locked away very deeply in my mind. I haven’t thought about these two incidents in really a decade or even two, and here they pop into my mind. (No, it’s not hypnosis – you are wide awake the whole time, and try as you may, you can’t control what memory will pop up).

So, when Luc is so upset I tell him that I understand his anger, and that he must remember I still love him. And that God still loves us, despite us going through a difficult time now. And that God is revealing things to me in new ways since I started re-focusing on him.

This was around bedtime, so I was going to read to them from the Bible in any case. So, we read a Psalm explaining how David also experienced times where he felt alone, but he feels God’s presence nevertheless (can’t remember what we read). I explained to them that God is with us, although we can’t see Him. But He is with us in these trying times, and they must just remember it.

And then I prayed, out loud and lying down with a crying Luc in the crook of my arm and holding Zoe’s hand.

And then God’s smell came wafting through the windows…

I have an English country-garden-type-of-garden with herbs, roses, mint – really anything that grows and is green.

But I have NEVER in three years of having this garden experienced smelling the herbs inside my house. Never.  Not even when it rained very hard.

But on Tuesday God made the three of us smell him through the smell of mint (planted a few metres away from my window). And I could explain that we need rain for growth in our lives, but that God sometimes make the rain come down much harder than we expected. And that crushes our leaves so that people around us can also smell God.

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  1. najsyu het gesê op Februarie 18, 2010

    *sniffs my under arm* hmmmm MISA’s smell..AWESOME!
    Tannemys ek hoor jy is maar twetaalige?
    I am not,
    could you pls tell me what a country club is in afrikaans….

  2. Nope, MiSA, sorry to dissapoint you, but you’re NOT God.
    A countryclub is usually called a “buiteklub”. For some or other reason…
    Who told you I’m tweetalig??

  3. Amen to that!

  4. rbh het gesê op Februarie 18, 2010

    good for yor for seeking some help. Too many people won’t and waste far tooooooo much time being miserable…

  5. Sometimes it is also called a “watergat”
    but not because it is in the country

    Buiteklub was also my first guess, confirmed by my 30-year old dictionary

  6. God does His best work when we are at our lowest.

    Keep praying 🙂

  7. Your garden sounds lovely. i love the smell of mint; very comforting.

  8. What an amazing post….if I could I would give you the milky way full of stars. But God will do that Himself one day. Im so sorry for what you have gone through….big hugs to you and your kids, the furry ones too :o)xx

  9. Thanks Brownie! I am blessed daily, and God just confirmed His existence to me with this.

  10. It is, isn’t it.

  11. THAT is quite true. Another friend of mine lost her husband when a taxi knocked him down as he was practicing for the Argus. She says all the sadness makes your roots grow deeper and deeper into God, anchoring you more than ever before.

  12. Thanks LO! I’ll post a pic of my garden after tomorrow. AFter Alton-garden-man has been…

  13. Brilliant, google it. Was developed by Ed Smith. I chose this because I’ve been through most kinds with my marriage, and one can certainly BS a human being and telling them what they want to hear, but you can’t do the same once God gets involved. And it’s not mere pastoral counceling, it’s a combination of recognised psychology and prayer.

  14. It’s either this or roadrage. 🙂

  15. Thanks Lodewikus!

  16. hmmmm . . . I could live with that . . . dreams on!

  17. With what?

  18. that smell

  19. Nope, Alberton it is. Don’t know which is worst: to be seen as part of the (often) dubious “south” of Joburg, or to be considered “East Rand”…

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