Pics of (some of) the loves of my life (don’t worry, pics are small, won’t eat a lot of your bandwidth)

Februarie 18, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

I own a menagerie consisting of 6 dogs (my ex’s dog is in fostercare here at the moment, so it makes it 7), three cats, 1 African Grey parrot that talks the hind leg off a donkey, a kokketiel (can also say a few words) and 1 budgie who is taking speaking lessons from the kokketiel as we speak.  Here are some of my them:


The matriarch: Cindy, picked up on the N4 highway near Witbank in 1996. Age unknown (she was already a grown dog when we got her), but she still has two teeth in the upper jaw and a few more in the lower jaw. Never had ANY disease in the 14 years with us. Never came into heat (the vet told me they call dogs like this ‘angels’). Always loyal, always just a metre away from me. When she was younger, she would get up in the night with me to go and check on the kids. Now she’s too deaf to hear me get up, so AT LAST she gets a full night’s sleep. She’s getting cataracts in the eyes, but otherwise healthy and happy and somedays as playful as a puppy. Spends most of her life indoors, but I can count the number of times she had a oops in the house on my two hands. An extremely well mannered, loving dog.

The Alpha-dog, Dory, caught out snoozing on the couch. Look at the face! She’s a cross-Labrador, and has that wonderful typical Labrador-nature: clever, playful, loyal and very funny. Saw her in a petshop 6 years ago, and just HAD to have her despite not wallowing in money at that stage (bought her on my credit card on budget – best investment ever). She sleeps in front of my bed, and lies next to my desk when I’m working. A gentle giant, if ever I met one.

The cheekiest of them all. The most poison in the smallest bottle, etc, is Pixie (originally Pixel, as she was so small she just formed part of a picture’s pixel). Bought her for the kids to help them through the divorce as their cat was run over by a car during that time. Didn’t want another cat (because somebody around here poisons them). So asked the pet shop for something that won’t grow bigger than a cat. They sold me this little thing that lives her life in CAPITALS. VERY funny, VERY playful, VERY loyal, will DEFEND us with her life (really, she’s the only one of my dogs that will bite somebody). Also always right where I am, except when the kids come home, then she’s mostly with Zoe. In one way she’s definitely like a cat, as she climbs through windows to do her thing outside. (Something that frustrated my dad greatly when he lived here. He couldn’t understand why a dog was climbing through a window, and chased her with his kierie every time he had the opportunity. Only problem was that she could run, and poor him couldn’t even walk…)

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  1. agh..ounooi se honne word lekker bederf

  2. zephur het gesê op Februarie 18, 2010

    Oulike honde wat jy het.

  3. Maar natuurlik! Hoe kan mens ‘n troeteldier he en hom nie bederf nie?

  4. lyk my die honne in daai huis is lekke bederf!!!!

  5. Natuurlik! Jy moet die mense sien!

  6. Jy het die 3 wonderlikste honde, elkeen met sy eie persoonlikheid en hulle is almal pragtig! Geniet hulle. Nee Poppie voel stukke beter vandag!

  7. Bly jy voel beter. Laat weet my bietjie of daai boereraat van die gemmertee werk.

  8. mg42 het gesê op Februarie 18, 2010


  9. Thanx (*says the proud “mother”*)

  10. Aaaaaaw, they are all too boootiful!! LOL!! The cheekiest are always the smallest…..

  11. Indeed! Pixie will kill for us! She even bites the hand that (occasionaly) feeds her. If she is alone with Martha, my live-in domestic worker, NO trouble. The minute I appear, she makes silly (and VERY loud) little mock-charges at Martha. *Look Mommy, look, I’ll bite for you…*

  12. Ek weet. Dis asof hulle die res van hulle lewe dankie se dat jy hulle gered het. Cindy het verlede jaar ook my pa aangeneem toe hy hier kom bly het. Voor sy bed geslaap. Sy doof, hy demented. Was nogal ‘n lekker kombinasie, if you pardon me for saying so. En toe hy dood is, het sy drie nagte heen en weer tussen my en sy kamer geloop op soek na hom.

  13. Had to come see the rest of the fam….Just beautiful. Dory looks so innocent!!

  14. Of course she looks innocent? What else can you pretend to be if you’re caught on your mother’s VERBOTEN couch?

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