What year is this? Could somebody please tell it to the Arab men

Februarie 17, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

With this post I’m sticking my head out a bit, I suppose. But just look at this story that appeared in Gulfnews on November 1st, 2009. I quote from the article (about a wife not listening to her husband): “…if that doesn’t work out, he can WHIP HER GENTLY in a manner that makes her understand the situation.”

And look at all the feeble reasons for divorces granted.

Follow this link: http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/uae/crime/official-stresses-need-for-marital-reconciliation-1.521633

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  1. pawsaw het gesê op Februarie 17, 2010

    You should see the bit from Gulf News that my son put up on FB. It’s a woman being interviewed and asked about her children all girls and three of whom are disabled and she has no idea why. Could it be inbreeding perhaps one has to ask?

  2. Mau het gesê op Februarie 17, 2010

    So, would gentle whipping also be on your list of what women want from men?

  3. Oh come on – what girl is not up for a gentle whipping – lol. I will admit to not following the link.

  4. Who knows, and who will ever know. I read the other week in Huisgenoot (yip, I do read it) the story of a South African nursing sister who was held captive for three months in one of the Arab countries. She said that women in the country where she worked had to be accompanied by a male at ALL times, even for gynea appointments. The nurse put her foot down when a 9-year old boy was told to accompany his mother for a gynea checkup. Can you believe it!!

  5. Give it a try, and you will definitely be blind for our blind date, Lefty.

  6. Gently whipping in this scenario is used as a matter to avoid divorce. And lucky for the men of that neck of the woods I’m not marriage material for them, because a woman can even be divorced for putting too much salt in the food (according to the link).

  7. najsyu het gesê op Februarie 17, 2010

    just like training a dog… gentle persuation and some tasty rewards… LMAO *runs for cover*

  8. Go play on the highway, MiSA

  9. I’ve shed the whole load of energy I once had…

  10. Napier het gesê op Februarie 17, 2010

    he will be in big sh&t just thinking about ‘whipping me gently’

  11. He will be bashed over the head ever so un-gently…

  12. Hop het gesê op Februarie 17, 2010

    Not even if you ask nicely Napier? *wicked chuckle*

  13. rbh het gesê op Februarie 17, 2010

    Definatley not a place to be born a woman in my next life!

  14. Like I said, I would have bashed him gently over the head with something…

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