Old Jewels (Malema) – “jewel in the ANC-crown” (plus a pic showing my reaction to this statement)

Februarie 16, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Okay, now that you have picked yourself up from the floor after falling down in a hysterical fit of laughter, I’m deadly serious.

His Stupidness has been described as the “jewel in the ANC-crown” in the state of the nation-debate yesterday in parliament.

By none other than Fikile Mbalula, deputy minister of police. (Yep, that department that have all those expensive holidays at the seaside thickly disguised as crime preventing campaigns. Very thickly disguised…)

Mbalula was on a roll, sh*tting out the opposotion parties for their critisism of The Father of Many and his feeble little attempt at a state of the nation speech. He also, apparently, feels very strongly for old Jewels, and took the opportunity to tell other parties that they are just jealous that they don’t have youth organisations “that engage in lively debate”. (Sic! And sick, yes.)

Oh, and just to spice up the “lively debate”, Mbalula called the DA white racists…

I am SO touched by ignorami (plural for ignoramus???) like Mbalula, that I had a special pic taken of me (heavily disguised as a cat) to show you exactly how happy and proud I feel of living in a circus state:

7 antwoorde op Old Jewels (Malema) – “jewel in the ANC-crown” (plus a pic showing my reaction to this statement)

  1. zephur het gesê op Februarie 16, 2010

    ANC is ‘n sirkus, en daar is moer baie narre…

  2. MrMin het gesê op Februarie 16, 2010

    Yes, I heard a portion of this madman’s ranting about the whole Julius Malema blotch.

    Apparently the JM critics are just jealous of him…
    Imagine that!
    For Fikile Mbalula to say something like that, he must seriously believe it. And you can rest assured that he will have a whole crowd of yea-sayer cheering him on.
    As they say, the emptiest tins make to most noise. It’s a pity we also have them running this country.

  3. Couldn’t agree more.

  4. Really scary. Every day another laugh. Trouble is, they are serious about their ridiculous statements.

  5. MrMin het gesê op Februarie 16, 2010

    YES, That is the danger, they are serious, they truly believe what they say to be the gospel.

  6. That scares me too. The seriousness with which these clowns think they are approaching politics. It is as far removed from the reality as the proverbial east from the west. And then they wonder why we’re not going forward in the NSA.

  7. You all have to agree it’s a brilliant pic!

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