Men’s age can be linked to the red wine they prefer (Seriaaaasss!)

Februarie 16, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Got this from my sister-in-law. Many a true word has been spoken in jest! Whaddya think?? (No, don’t ask me. I haven’t had a man in my life for yonks, let alone in my bed. If I see the thing in question I shall cover it with rocks and call the police…)

Terloops, this joke works best in Afrikaans, but I’ll explain:


20 – 35    Meerlust (More Lust)

35 – 50    Kanonkop (Canon Hill, but in this regard the “head” of a canon)

50 – 60   Rust en Vrede (Rest and Peace)

60 – 70   Allesverloren (All’s lost)

13 antwoorde op Men’s age can be linked to the red wine they prefer (Seriaaaasss!)

  1. zephur het gesê op Februarie 16, 2010

    Maar ek hou van al die wyne…


  3. Wined me up and i’ll unwined you!

  4. najsyu het gesê op Februarie 16, 2010

    Dont be like that, it just like riding a bycicle! you never forget… LMAO

    I drink Hardasrock out of the 20″ Primat

  5. It’s just that men are scared of me, Misa… *tannemys sighs as she is grinding her teeth and stroking her black cat while mounting her broom* (Not in THAT way, you idiot!)

  6. I wish I’d be so lucky somebody would be so desperate… or is that the other way around. *sigh*

  7. Ek stem. Of Bols – dis blykbaar al wat dan aandag kry by die mistresses…

  8. Ai Zep, maar jy’s mos gelukkig ‘n gelukkige getroude man wat nog aan Valentynsdag en die liefde glo. So jy is veilig!!

  9. najsyu het gesê op Februarie 16, 2010

    Aah the old nimbus 2000… ?
    witches are cool, nuff said!

    ok I am leaving now before I get into more trouble…

  10. najsyu het gesê op Februarie 16, 2010

    you could always go to Hollywood and lie on the sand and look at the stars or vice a versa… lol

    am really going now…

  11. I have a friend Tannemys who like wine…blind date? the worst that can happen is that you get drunk together? waddayousay?

  12. I say wine ot??!! Is he brave?

  13. Only a pleasure!! Glad I could help! (And glad if more corruption is brought to light. CAn’t stand corruption and bribery and powerdrunk officials…)

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