Jy blaai in die argief vir 2010 Januarie.

Something not so funny: the matric results according to the Financial Times of 17 January 2010

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What is wrong with this picture? Almost half of all learners that sat the exams, failed! We can all blame OBE etc, but it seems to me that either students are not working, or that their teachers were never at school to teach them. Or that government never supplied the resources.

Interesting: apartheid can’t get the blame for this one. (Sorry Kolobe!) The government claims they are doing everything they can for ALL schools, and more so for black schools because they were previously disadvantaged. According to my calculations these kids writing matric entered the school system after 1994 – so, they supposedly should have had great support from the ANC government. After all, better education for your children was one of their 1994 slogans, if I remember correctly.

I realise that poverty plays a role. After all, you can’t study if you are hungry or don’t have even a candle at night to finish your homework. But I find it hard to believe that all these kids failed because of this.

Government should NOW start some serious damage control, otherwise we’ll soon be a nation of extremely dumb people. (The country is full of fools, but we don’t want them to be foolish as well as dumb…)

Taken from the Financial Mail 17 January 2010

Matric results in numbers            
580 577 Sat for the National Senior Certificate in 2009.      
228 687 Failed.              
351 890 Passed.              
19.80% or 109 697 achieved a university entrance pass.      
36.80% achieved a 30% pass or higher for physial science – dowm from 54.9% in 2008.
296 659  sat for the Maths exam in 2009 but 125 075 (42%) passes.    
284 309 wrote maths literacy and 196 666 (69%) passed      
79% was the pass rate at the 159 independent school, which had 8001 martic candidates in 2008.
40% – 50%  is the drop-out rate of school pupils before they reach matric.    
56.60% of African pupils passed the matric exams in 2008, with 13.4% achieving a university entrance grade.
99.30% of white pupils passed the matric exams that year with 68.7% achieving a univeristy entrance grade.
13 000 first-year students sat the test in 2009 set by Higher Education SA, a stautory body representing SA’s univerisities.
47% were found to be proficient in academic literacy, 25% proficient in quantitative litracy, and only 7% were proficient in maths.
Source: SA Institute of Race Relations, IOL website, department of Basic Education.

Some hilarious science howlers, supposedly exam answers

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Got this in an old newspaper cutting of Stoep Talk by James Clarke from about 17 years ago. My comments in italics.

Equator: a menagerie lion running around the Earth through Africa. (I suppose a capricorn is then a menagerie springbok  running round the sea in the Kalahari through Loftus. Makes equal sense)

Magnet: something you find crawling over a dead cat. (And you have maggots holding notices on your fridge door.)


Momentum: what you give a person when they are going away. (Would love to give some people I know momentum. Sommer plenty of it…)

Rhubarb: a kind of celery gone bloodshot

Vacuum: a large, empty space where the Pope lives (SA-version: a large, empty space in a certain youth leader’s skull)


Water is composed of two gins, Oxygin and Hydrogin. Oxygin is pure gin, and Hydrogin is gin and water.

(Danger!) When you smell an odourless gas, it’s probably carbon monoxide.

To collect fumes of sulphur, hold a deacon over a flame in a test tube. (Would I get the same results if I use my ex-husband? One would even get gin fumes, so then I can make my own Hydrogin.)


H²O  is hot water and CO² is cold water.

The pistol of the flower is it’s only protection against insects.

Before giving a blood transfusion, find out if the blood is affirmative or negative. (In other words, is the blood BEE-compliant, or rightwing?)


To remove dust from the eye, pull the eye down over the nose. (Then you can use a toothpick.)


Blood flows down one leg and up the other. (Explaining why some people are so stupid. It never reaches the brain.)


The skeleton is what is left after the insides have been taken out and the outsides have been taken off. The purpose of the skeleton is something to hitch meat to. (The entire purpose of all of this is something you can drape with the clothes you don’t have in your cupboard.)


A fossil is an extinct animal. The older it is, the more extinct it is.

Germinate: to become a naturalised German.

Planet: a body of earth surrounded by sky.

The tides are a fight between the Earth and the Moon. All water tends to the moon, because there is no water on the moon and nature abhors a vacuum. I forgot where the sun joins in the fight. (And I never knew to start with…)




Back to where??? Funny pic explaining our low matric pass rate (and the SABC)

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Now children, let’s read the words on THIS blackboard carefully…

Write your own letter to Zuma!

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Please read my weekend posts. I have a direct link to somebody very close to Mr Zuma. The idea is that as many bloggers as possible post an open letter to Mr Zuma on their blogs in which you have CONSTRUCTIVE critisism and your view of POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS to problems. I will then forward all the links to Liesl Gottert, his defacto media consultant. I am meeting with her later in the week.

Why? To let off some steam about all the things that are wrong in the country we all love, to make government aware of how frustrated we all are, and also to make your voice heard about possible solutions.

I will also pass on the links to other opinion leaders in South African politics.  

Overseas readers with links to other blogsites must then please post links to all these posts on other domains so that the international world can also hear our voices.

Even more bizarre coincidence relating to last night’s almost smash and grab (Letter to Zuma-link)

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I have a friend who is 63-years old and a widow. I sometimes take her out for coffee, and take her with to church as she can’t drive anymore due to a very serious heart condition. We arranged on Wednesday that she’ll come with me to church. This morning I picked her up – arm and little finger in a dressing. Turns out SHE was the victim of the smash-and-grab we JUST missed last night.

She was the passenger in the car of friends from elsewhere in Joburg, and they were on their way from Kiblerpark to drop her off near the center of Alberton. She was sitting on the backseat with her handbag next to her as she had just taken her house keys out (in preparation of being dropped off) when this thug broke the window next to her, leaned in and grabbed the bag from the middle of the seat. She instinctively held on to it, and he pulled her arm through the window and into a big piece of glass still stuck in the frame. This took out a chunk of flesh. A shard got stuck in her pinkie, so deep that they had to cut it out.

Tannie Anette has a VERY serious heart condition  – she has a defribilator in her chest that shocks her heart into action when it stops. Her mother and other family members died of this before they were 60. Of course she is now very fragile and in deep shock. I didn’t recognise the other car, as I don’t know her friends, and in any case saw very vaguely what was happening in my rearview meter when I already turned right into a very busy double-lane intersection.

Two years ago her daughter never returned home from work. They found out four hours later that she was hijacked on her way back from work, raped by both hijackers and then left in her car in a township near Midrand. The swines took NOTHING. Not her cellphone, not her car, not even her keys. So, she survived the ordeal and came out the other side an example to us all. In fact, I am busy writing an article on her for one of the magazines.


So, Mr. Zuma, this is a real personal matter to me. HOW ARE YOU AND YOUR GOVERNMENT GOING TO STOP THUGS FROM TAKING OVER OUR COUNTRY? Because this is MY country as well, and I’m not emigrating, and I’m NOT living in Orania.

Non-bloggers can also take part. Mail your CONSTRUCTIVE critisism and IDEAS/INPUT TOWARDS SOLUTIONS to me at [email protected].

Narrowly avoided a smash and grab last night! My challenge to you regarding a letter to Mr. Zuma

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It seems almost bizarre, but last night (at about 20h15) I narrowly avoided either a smash and grab or an attempted hijacking. Went to the movies with the kids at Eastgate, and had to take their friend home. After turning off the highway near Brackenhurst (Alberton), we had to stop at a red robot. Since a similiar incident in broad daylight about three months ago, I’m extra vigilant nowadays. So, looked everywhere while chatting to the kids and a teenage friend that went with us. Suddenly saw a young black guy (sorry Kolobe, but he wasn’t white!) standing up from the bushes next to the road. At that precise moment the robot turned green, and as I was in front, I put foot on the petrol. The guy broke the window of the car behind mine as I crossed into the intersection, and then ran for his life. (The kids watched it all.) Hoping he was just planning to steal something and not to hijack the person.

Still, Dan, I don’t want to live in your volkstaat. You are welcome to live with your own kind – I certainly don’t want to. (Still wondering why you don’t just move to Orania…)

Mr Zuma, I have sent links of this blog and yesterday’s open letter to Liesl Gottert, your defacto media person. After meeting and interviewing you last night, and in the light of your invitation that we should complain to you, you will definitely hear from me. Until things start to change.

My challenge: I suggest that we start a campaign here on the blogs. Open letters to Mr Zuma. CONSTRUCTIVE critisism and what you see as the solutions. I will then give it to Liesl – am meeting with her this week – and in future forward it to her.

Come on guys and girls, we have a DIRECT link to him, not through bureacratic red tape. Let’s do this for South Africa.

Just leave a message here once you have compiled your open letter. AND PUT IT ON YOUR BLOG! We should start pressure groups that won’t go away. And I know for a fact bloggers have what it takes.

PS: I may not react immediately. Taking the kids to church and have to finish a whole lot of work today. So, take your time, talk to your friends, but JUST DO IT!

Overseas bloggers with access to other blogs, can you put links to our blogs on this?




It could have been us in the hijacking last night (open letter to Mr Zuma)

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Living in South Africa is not for sissies. I realise this daily.

I visited with my friend last night (the one with the expensive koi’s that commited suicide on my watch) and it was just the two of us and our four children, open doors and all. Luckilly they have perimeter security beams, and they were switched on the moment the kids came inside to play. (They live against a koppie and next to an empty plot, and made their double property into a haven for children, wild birds with a magnificent garden, rock pool, koi ponds a stream and a huge jungle jim etc).

Her husband went away for business and was due back at 8. Shortly after 8 he phoned to ask if we are okay, because the street connecting to theirs (literally about 500 m from their gate), was swarming with police and police vehicles). He couldn’t get in there, and had to drive around to the other entrance of the SECURITY controlled area).

Turns out the woman living there was hijacked in her driveway by four black men driving a black Mercedes. They wore suits and signed in at the gate. Neighbours walking past on an evening stroll were forced (at gunpoint) into the house with her and her small daughter, and they were held at gunpoint for a long time. Details are still scetchy as to what exactly happened inside the house, and who made alarm. The criminals got away. Luckilly nobody inside the house was killed, but we don’t know if the women were raped.

It could have been us – we arrived there possibly an hour (or even less, as we don’t know the exact time it took place). I always spend a minute of two in the driveway waiting for her to open the electric gate.

They could have scaled the fence while the kids were still playing outside and the perimeter alarms were switched off.

This time they (we) were lucky. Also last year, when people living on the other side of the koppie (500 m as the crow flies) were held at gunpoint, the young woman gangraped and the parents almost shot to pieces when the police mistook them (arriving home from a holiday) for the thugs. (It was on all the frontpages: they were caught in a crossfire in which more than 50 bullets fired at their car, most of them by police. The man spent weeks in ICU in an induced coma and miraculously survived.) The thugs escaped over the koppie through the empty plot next to my friends, and they were woken up by the police helicopter hovering over their house and policeman running around in the koppie. What if those thugs decided on them instead? They have two beautiful little kids of 5 and 6 for which they waited 15 years. My friend survived aggresive breast cancer at the age of 39, and subsequently started a charity for cancer patients with another survivor. Together they visit state hospitals (oncology units, as well as paediatric wards). They have also raised a lot of money, using it to help underprivileged (read mostly black) children living with cancer and using CHOC-house in Saxonwold.

Yes, my friends are rich. But her husband owns one of the biggest factories in it’s industry in South Africa. He is employing more than people, paying more than decent salaries. Ironically, a lot of the work done by these (unskilled) labourers can be done by technology – he can operate without half of his workers. They are good people, giving freely to those in need. And it is their right to enjoy the money he is working for 16 hours a day.

Yesterday I was taken apart verbally by rightwingers on www.praag.co.za (only read if you have a strong stomach – one person called my letter to Dan Roodt a nauseating mix of “vomit, snot and diarrhoea”) and apparently I’m not welcome in their volkstaat because I like blacks. And of course I’m a traitor, and much worse things. Blablablabla.

I want to make it clear with this post ONCE AGAIN (I often speak out about the NSA’s problems) that I am AS MUCH against the daily violence, bloodshed and crime in this country as I am against racists. From both sides – black or white. I am also against the inefficiency of our state departments. And very much against the corrupt politicians causing this state of affairs. Yet, I’m worlds away from those demanding a volkstaat. I just want MY country to be what it can and should be: the leader in Africa, and a safe place for all of us to live.

We South Africans should stop fighting each other, and start fighting crime and poverty.

Thugs like this should be removed from society for a long time.

Rapists and murderers shouldn’t get parole.

Petty criminals should be forced to do community work.

Our police force should get the cars, computers and manpower to do their work effectively instead of their ministers staying in super luxurious hotels.

I have said this often before, and I am saying it again: government should stop wasting taxpayer’s money on personal enrichment. 

Corrupt officials should pay back the money taken, even if it means their own family end up on the street while the culprit rots in jail. You are stealing from US!

Mr Zuma, start putting your money where your mouth is. We are relieved that you are apparently aware of the problems, and that you, unlike Mbeki, at least admits problems like Aids, substandard education and corruption do exist.

You said the police shouldn’t tolerate crime. Now give them enough patrol vehicles for visible and effective policing in ALL neighbourhoods and townships.

Make sure the vehicles are running.

Give detectives state paid cellphones and PC’s and databases so that they could start doing their jobs properly. We have some of the best detectives in the world, but technology and lack of infrastructure is failing them. And therefore failing us, Mr President.

We are tired, Mr Zuma. All of us. The new South Africa is burning while politicians are partying away the money. Our money.

I honestly don’t care how many wives you have, as long as you do what you were elected for by your supporters. And you need to do it now, because you and your government owe it to the people of this land. WE are suffering.

A few good things (amongst others an SMS delivered one year too late!!)

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I’m still reeling after the extent of the personal attacks on me on Praag’s website. (Naively) didn’t foresee such strong feelings almost bordering on hatred. Think I will stick to my personal view and not mess with extremists (on any side of the spectrum) ever again. Although in some people’s eyes that will make me a draadsitter, a joiner, a racist and and and and…The possibilities for bad names to call me, it seems, are endless. We all know what kind of derogatory terms South Africans can come up with. Funny lot, we are…

Will rather continue to do what I do best (writing), hoping and praying that it will do some good somewhere, and that I will make a valuable contribution to our country and leave a legacy that one day will make my children proud.  Must say that after yesterday’s venomous attacks I wonder why on earth people become politicians! And I say this against the background of almost becoming one myself. I have a degree in Political Science and back in the days of being starry eyed and (much more) naive, I briefly considered getting involved in party politics and/or the diplomatic corps for a career. 

Oh, but if I believe the Praag-lot, I can’t even write. Not to mention what I look like… *searching for pillow to smother myself* One person even said not too worry too much about my opinion, because I will be the next journalist who shoots myself with an AK47 on my roof (sic and sick, ne?) *stops looking for pillow* But seriously, no more debates with Dr Roodt. Futile and a risk.

The good things I can think of at this moment:

1. In exactly 5 and a half hours from now my littlest boy would be in the world for exactly 8 years. And what a blessing he is! Happy birthday! (Although he’s too small to read my blog – maybe one day he will stumble upon it on his matchbox size computer sitting in his self-driving electric car…)

2. The roadworks are almost over! Jippieeeee! Only took me one hour between Lynnwood and my house today. 30 minutes or more shorter spent on the journey than before the holidays. It seems most of the roadworks on the road itself is done, and they are now working on the middle part where the lights and things will be erected.

3. Vodacom delivered an SMS I sent a year ago! Or so it seems. A specialist I regularly consult for medical articles phoned me this afternoon and asked me why I sent him such a strange request enquiring about answers for questions I requested exactly a year ago. Well-I-never! I have been complaining to Vodacom that (since round about October 2008) people say they don’t get my SMS’s. Of course Vodacom then sent an SMS or two that did come through, and then declared my problem resolved. I even bought a new phone! Wonder how many of my SMSs (and yours and yours and yours) are still flying around in space?

4. I can start research for my book on Afrikaans and in Afrikaans (ironically, nogal, for a joiner like me). Deadline is end of December, as it will require a lot of traveling for research to all corners of this country, not to mention the amount of writing. Hopefully part of the legacy I’ll leave for the Afrikaans language and for South Africans in general.

And then of course all the usual things: family, friends, my lovely children, my pets, a job, good health. And fellow-bloggers, of course! (Except some!)

Off to bed now!

Debat met Dan Roodt – tweede rondte (en finale rondte)

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Dan het my geantwoord op my ope brief. En gevra of hy dit op Praag kan plaas. Waarop ek ja gese het.

Nou is ek nogal spyt oor my bereidwilligheid, want ek was onder die wanindruk dat dit dalk gesonde debat sal bevorder.

Ongelukkig lyk dit my die regses kan nie debat voer nie – hulle kon nie my standpunte aanval nie, toe draai hulle na my persoon. Ek is onder meer gese om te hoop ek word Zuma se sewende vrou – “hy hou van mollige vroue met min verstand”. (Daar was verskeie sinspelings op hoe ek lyk.)

En natuurlik is ek die vyand, ‘n verraaier, blablabla. En ‘n “pienk joernalis”, en ‘n poppie, en iemand sonder insig.

My joernalistieke vermoens word bevraagteken, so ook my opleiding. (Meeste weet skynbaar nie eers watse soort joernalis ek is nie – wat wys hoeveel hulle lees. Ter inligting: ek is nie by ‘n dagblad nie, en op niemand se vaste payroll nie. En ek verkies dit so, want dan kan ek skryf vir wie ek wil en oor wat ek wil sonder dat ek ‘n sekere beleid moet verdedig.)

Daar is ook voorspel dat ek die volgende joernalis gaan wees wat myself op my huis se dak skiet met ‘n AK47. (Terloops Dan, jou feite hieroor was verkeerd. Foeta Krige het hom in ‘n afgelee hok op sy plaas gekry. Se dit tog vir die regses op Praag.) Ensovoorts, ensovoorts.

En, soos gewoonlik, lewer almal kommentaar onder ‘n skuilnaam. Nie eers die guts om te se wat hulle wil onder hul eie naam nie. Wat my finaal oortuig het: ‘n volwasse debat met mense van hierdie mentaliteit is onmoontlik.

Vir die wat belangstel, gaan lees op www.praag.co.za. Nie dat julle sal kan kommentaar lewer nie – dis blykbaar ‘n tipe boy’s club. Lidmaatskap word waarskynlik vereis vir kommentare.

PS: Dan skryf iewers in kommentaar dat mense my nie persoonlik moet aanval nie. Hy vra dat hulle die bal speel, en nie die man nie. En dat sulke kommentaar summier verwyder sal word. Tog interessant dat daar steeds soveel goed staan wat grens aan laster.

PPS: Vir al die regse kommentators: op my ouderdom kan mens nog iets aan jou lyf doen, maar sweet blow all aan jou IK.

‘Nuff said!

Dan Roodt se volkstaat-idee: ‘n ope brief

Januarie 14, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Ek het my nog nooit verwerdig om op Dan se skrywes te reageer nie, maar gister se Volkstaat-een vat die koek! In kort: hy is ‘n voorstander van die idee dat ‘n Afrikaner-volkstaat gestig word. En hier is hoe sy Volkstaat moet lyk (ek paste net so van sy blog af): Ons eis ‘n derde van die land in ‘n strook wat loop van Pretoria-Oos tot anderkant Witbank met Jan Smuts-lughawe en die meeste kragsentrales, asook suidwaarts ‘n groot deel van die Oos-Vrystaat tot in die Suid-Kaap met die kusgebied tussen Port Elizabeth en Mosselbaai daarby ingesluit.”

Hier sal “Afrikaners oplaas ná eeue van vlug, swerf en stryd omdat ons deur Katolieke Spanjaarde, moordlustige Britte en nou rassistiese Afro-Saksers verdruk is, vryheid smaak.”

Hoesê? Ek het Geskiedenis tot Matriek gehad, maar het seker die dele gemis waar Afrikaanssprekendes deur “Katolieke Spanjaarde” vervolg is. En Afro-Saksers?? Ek weet van Afro-Americans, en dis vir my ‘n belaglike konsep. (Om jouself met Afrika te verbind bloot omdat jou oerantie se oupagrootjie se derde niggie 400 jaar gelede in die Kongo gewoon het, kon ek nog nooit verstaan nie.) NET SO MIN as wat ek nie rassiste soos Roodt se ontkenning van swart mense se regte om in Suid-Afrika te woon en te werk en te leef verstaan nie.

Want al was my oer-oer-oer-oupagrootjie ‘n Russiese Duitser, is ek ‘n Suid-Afrikaner. Nie ‘n Rus of ‘n Duitser nie. Of ‘n Ier, aan my ouma se kant. Ek is ‘n Afrikaan, wat hierdie kontinent in my bloed het en NOOIT erens anders wil bly nie. En ek is Afrikaans en trots daarop, en ja, ek is ‘n Afrikaner, maar minder trots dáárop as mense soos Roodt die term rondgooi en beweer hy praat namens alle “denkende, moderne en ingeligte Afrikaners”.

Skies tog, Neef Roodt, maar wat maak dit my dan? En volgens alle definisies wat ek ken en gemeet aan alle beskaafde standaarde en norme is ek beslis denkend, modern en ingelig. Jammer, jy praat beslis nie namens my en my vriende nie.

En jou stelling: “Swartmense en vele Engelssprekende blankes verkies die huidige regeringsvorm met sy welvaartstaat, misdaad, Engels, regstellende aksie, omgewingsbesoedeling en korrupsie wat ons tegelyk woedend en moedeloos maak.

Net so sal hulle waarskynlik ontuis voel in ‘n land met wetstoespassing, Afrikaans en hoë opvoedkundige standaarde waar niks op ‘n skinkbord verkry word nie. Dit sal egter ordelik, skoon en veilig wees met die helfte van Suider-Afrika se BNP en Afrikaans as enigste amptelike taal.” verwerp ek met meer minagting as wat dit verdien. Dis nie net onchristelik nie, dis ook chauvinisties, nepotisties (baantjies vir boeties, jy weet), gierig, rassisties en meerderwaardig. Alles dinge wat in MY Bybel nogal sterk afgekeur word deur dieselfde Here wat sekere “Afrikaners” so links en regs gebruik om hulle idiootlike uitsprake te regverdig.


Ja, meeste van die dinge waarop jy nou wil beslag le vir die Volkstaat is ontwikkel onder die apartheidsregering, maar met wie se hande-arbeid en bloedsweet? As jy wil eerlik wees, hoofsaaklik met SWART mense s’n, Dan. So, wie het meer reg daarop: wit of swart? (Die antwoord is eenvoudig: alle Suid-Afrikaners het ewe veel reg op hierdie land en sy hulpbronne.)


Ja, daar is probleme. Daar is misdaad en swak opvoeding en infrastruktuur wat ineenstort. En korrupsie en plaaslike dienste wat non-existent is. Maar die volwasse, Christelike ding sou wees om saam te soek na die oplossing, en om mense in jou dampkring te besiel en te inspireer om van SUID-AFRIKA ‘n beter plek te maak. As ons wag vir die regering, gaan ons lank wag. Daarom moet ONS ‘n begin maak. ONS moet ons bure leer ken en by ons plaaslike gemeenskapspolisieringsforum aansluit sodat ons saans veiliger kan slaap. ONS moet sorg dat ons kinders ook by die huis opgevoed word. ONS moet ons Bybelse opdrag van naasteliefde uitvoer, en mense help wat swaarkry, ongeag ras of klas.


Daar is vir my ‘n logiese oplossing wat ons almal skynbaar miskyk: elke gesin in hierdie land wat oorvloed het, moet iemand (of ‘n gesin) help sodat die maatskaplike las nie so swaar druk op die regering nie. Want hoe kan 50 miljoen mense uit staatskoffers gehelp word? En nee, moenie vir my vertel dis jou goed en jy’t daarvoor gewerk nie. Onthou maar altyd wie die Bron is, wie die Voorsiener van ‘n werk is. Hy kan dit enige tyd wegneem, en dan gaan jy (dalk eers as jou neseier op is) ook bakhand moet staan. En Sy Opdrag is om te help waar jy kan. En dit sluit swart mense in. Eers as minder mense broodgebrek ly, kan ons begin om die misdaadgolf in SA hok te slaan.


‘n Ander kwessie is die verval van waardes en norme – nog ‘n rede tot immer stygende misdaadsyfers. Beeld berig vanoggend van ‘n taxi -bestuurder wat ‘n rooi lig ignoreer het en die dood van ‘n pragtige 19-jarige op haar verjaarsdag veroorsaak het. MAAR, vrinne, dis LANKAL nie net meer taxi’s wat so ry nie. Kyk bietjie om jou – gewone mense, ja ook wit mense (shock and horror!!) ry gereeld voor my oor rooi verkeersligte. Of in die geel streep. Of teen lewensgevaarlike spoed. (Al die jong manne met hulle Tazz’s en Chico’s gesien, om nie te praat van die manne in die luukse motors en 4×4 nie.)


En die manne met die Klippies en Coke in hul lywe is dikwels nie oorgretig om die sleutels aan vroutjie te oorhandig na ‘n partytjie nie. Dronkbestuur eerder, en blote geluk as hulle nie ‘n mens se lewe kos nie.


Dis ONS plig om ons kinders ook te leer wat reg en verkeerd is, in alle situasies. Dan sal onderwysers ook meer uitgerig kry in die klaskamers.


Laasten jou slotopmerking van “vele swartmense sal dit ook so sien” is niks minder as misplaaste arrogansie nie.


Dink weer, neef. En dink twee keer voordat jy namens my as jou mede-Afrikaner praat. Ek is beslis nie soos jy nie.



Ilse Salzwedel


Hier is die kommentaar wat ek op Dan se blog gepost het:

Ag komaan Dan! Moenie dat ‘n informele Beeld-peiling jou so opgewonde maak nie.
En jy het NIE die meerderheid Afrikaners se toestemming om namens ons hierdie lugspieelings te verkondig nie. Dis rassisme, uit en gedaan. En rassisme is sonde, klaar. Die Here het ons almal gelyk geskape. Nie een van jou grend verduidelikings gaan vir Hom werk nie, ou maat.
Jou manier is NIE die manier om by werkbare oplossings vir ons land uit te kom nie. Ek wonder hoe die brein van ‘n man wat beweer hy is intelligent soveel nonsens kan voortbring. Of hou jy net daarvan om die waters te roer vir ‘n bietjie aandag?
Ek is seker daarvan jy kan jou geld, tyd en intelligensie beter aanwend.
(Terloops, jou Max du Preez-webwerf is kinderagtig verby. En nee, ek is nie noodwendig ‘n Max-aanhanger nie, en het trouens al in BY in ‘n volblad-artikel met hom verskil. Ek sidder om te dink daar is mense elders wat dalk kan dink jou mentaliteit is sprekend van die Afrikanerdom.)