THIRD Simply Slim-warning in today’s newspaper: is it worth the risk?

Januarie 25, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Maybe it works for you, maybe it doesn’t. But, however, be careful, be very, very careful.

Beeld has reported on this a few times, and every time Simply Slim replied that there is nothing harmful in the tablets selling at R590 for one month’s supply.

Some GP’s have expressed their concern, and last week a Johannesburg cardiologist expressed his serious concern about the use of this after a 20 year old girl (who weighs 60kg and just wanted to lose a few kg’s) ended up in hospital with severe heart palpitations, showing an abnormality in the ECG. NO heart problems before. Dr. Andrew Sarkin says it’s the fourt such patient he has treated in three months.

But MANY don’t even make the news. My friend used it without side effects, but her husband had similiar reactions as the above person. So bad, that she made an appointment with a cardiologist, as he is in his late 40’s and very stressed as the owner of a huge concern. The very day he stopped using the Simply Slim, the symptoms disappeared.

The same thing happened with my friend’s sister, also a very thin woman but one that is sure she can still lose some weight.

The same thing happened with another friend with no previous history of heart or blood pressure problems – in other words, according to the brochure, a safe candidate for using this.  She was stressed out of her mind the night her “heart symptoms” started and said she feared that she would end up in ICU sometime that night.

None of these cases were reported to Simply Slim. They merely stopped using it. So, when Simply Slim says they haven’t had a lot of complaints, it may be true. But it may just be that people don’t bother to report feeling like they do when using the tablets.

Today Beeld reveals that there is cybutramine in the tablets according to a report by the SABS. And, wait for it, more of it than is found in PRESCRIPTION tablets like Reductil. This comes after medicine control boards in the USA and Europe last week announced that ALL prescription medicine containing cybutramine should be withdrawn from the market as it SIGNIFICANTLY increases the risk of cardiovascular symptoms and risks such as stroke or heart attack.

Of course what you drink is your own choice. But is a quick slim idea worth risking a heart attack?

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