Something not so funny: the matric results according to the Financial Times of 17 January 2010

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What is wrong with this picture? Almost half of all learners that sat the exams, failed! We can all blame OBE etc, but it seems to me that either students are not working, or that their teachers were never at school to teach them. Or that government never supplied the resources.

Interesting: apartheid can’t get the blame for this one. (Sorry Kolobe!) The government claims they are doing everything they can for ALL schools, and more so for black schools because they were previously disadvantaged. According to my calculations these kids writing matric entered the school system after 1994 – so, they supposedly should have had great support from the ANC government. After all, better education for your children was one of their 1994 slogans, if I remember correctly.

I realise that poverty plays a role. After all, you can’t study if you are hungry or don’t have even a candle at night to finish your homework. But I find it hard to believe that all these kids failed because of this.

Government should NOW start some serious damage control, otherwise we’ll soon be a nation of extremely dumb people. (The country is full of fools, but we don’t want them to be foolish as well as dumb…)

Taken from the Financial Mail 17 January 2010

Matric results in numbers            
580 577 Sat for the National Senior Certificate in 2009.      
228 687 Failed.              
351 890 Passed.              
19.80% or 109 697 achieved a university entrance pass.      
36.80% achieved a 30% pass or higher for physial science – dowm from 54.9% in 2008.
296 659  sat for the Maths exam in 2009 but 125 075 (42%) passes.    
284 309 wrote maths literacy and 196 666 (69%) passed      
79% was the pass rate at the 159 independent school, which had 8001 martic candidates in 2008.
40% – 50%  is the drop-out rate of school pupils before they reach matric.    
56.60% of African pupils passed the matric exams in 2008, with 13.4% achieving a university entrance grade.
99.30% of white pupils passed the matric exams that year with 68.7% achieving a univeristy entrance grade.
13 000 first-year students sat the test in 2009 set by Higher Education SA, a stautory body representing SA’s univerisities.
47% were found to be proficient in academic literacy, 25% proficient in quantitative litracy, and only 7% were proficient in maths.
Source: SA Institute of Race Relations, IOL website, department of Basic Education.

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  1. najsyu het gesê op Januarie 19, 2010

    Not to be what ever you call it place word here(….)
    What would the stats have been if the standard of education had not been dropped considerably since 94?

  2. That is a very scary question MiSA!

  3. Shocking! Bleak outlook for our future!!

  4. Indeed! I heard from teachers that some of the marks were actually upped, and this is what we got as an end result!! Real scary!

  5. Makes you think!

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