Write your own letter to Zuma!

Januarie 18, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Please read my weekend posts. I have a direct link to somebody very close to Mr Zuma. The idea is that as many bloggers as possible post an open letter to Mr Zuma on their blogs in which you have CONSTRUCTIVE critisism and your view of POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS to problems. I will then forward all the links to Liesl Gottert, his defacto media consultant. I am meeting with her later in the week.

Why? To let off some steam about all the things that are wrong in the country we all love, to make government aware of how frustrated we all are, and also to make your voice heard about possible solutions.

I will also pass on the links to other opinion leaders in South African politics.  

Overseas readers with links to other blogsites must then please post links to all these posts on other domains so that the international world can also hear our voices.

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  1. Mau het gesê op Januarie 18, 2010

    Cool, I’ll give it a shot and let you know.

  2. Ja MP3, thought you might like that! ;)How’s your cat doing?

  3. Thanks Lefty! Please do.

  4. “CONSTRUCTIVE critisism”, you just elliminated 80% of the population. Most people just bitch and have no better options. I like your Idea and I will keep my eye open for GOOD ideas.

  5. Thanks Voted! I was actually just trying to eliminate the extremists – my person was taken apart by Dr. Roodt’s fans on praag after I wrote an open letter to him. Read Friday’s post. I have no incling to ever read drivel like that EVER again. One moron called my letter the worst mixture of “diarhoea, snot and vomit” ( I wish these okes would move to Orania and get it over with.)

  6. Jane, they interpret things their own way. And that is exactly my problem with their view. One man there commented on Friday that “women should stay out of important matters like politics”, another told me that, although preached you should love your neighbour like thyself, HIS Bible also has an Old Testament that says “an eye for an eye”. Ironically, most of them LOVE claiming that God said we shouldn’t mix with heathens, their “code” word for black people. So, it’s a matter of playing to the audience. Sometimes they fall back on their so-called Christianity, sometimes on their interpetation of history, and other times they show themselves for the racists and chauvinists they are. They also have a HUGE thing about English speaking people. Afrikaans speaking people like myself are crucified, which is what happened in the comments. And no, not my (logical) comments, but my faith, my looks, agenda etc. Which they know nothing about…

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