Narrowly avoided a smash and grab last night! My challenge to you regarding a letter to Mr. Zuma

Januarie 17, 2010 in Sonder kategorie


It seems almost bizarre, but last night (at about 20h15) I narrowly avoided either a smash and grab or an attempted hijacking. Went to the movies with the kids at Eastgate, and had to take their friend home. After turning off the highway near Brackenhurst (Alberton), we had to stop at a red robot. Since a similiar incident in broad daylight about three months ago, I’m extra vigilant nowadays. So, looked everywhere while chatting to the kids and a teenage friend that went with us. Suddenly saw a young black guy (sorry Kolobe, but he wasn’t white!) standing up from the bushes next to the road. At that precise moment the robot turned green, and as I was in front, I put foot on the petrol. The guy broke the window of the car behind mine as I crossed into the intersection, and then ran for his life. (The kids watched it all.) Hoping he was just planning to steal something and not to hijack the person.

Still, Dan, I don’t want to live in your volkstaat. You are welcome to live with your own kind – I certainly don’t want to. (Still wondering why you don’t just move to Orania…)

Mr Zuma, I have sent links of this blog and yesterday’s open letter to Liesl Gottert, your defacto media person. After meeting and interviewing you last night, and in the light of your invitation that we should complain to you, you will definitely hear from me. Until things start to change.

My challenge: I suggest that we start a campaign here on the blogs. Open letters to Mr Zuma. CONSTRUCTIVE critisism and what you see as the solutions. I will then give it to Liesl – am meeting with her this week – and in future forward it to her.

Come on guys and girls, we have a DIRECT link to him, not through bureacratic red tape. Let’s do this for South Africa.

Just leave a message here once you have compiled your open letter. AND PUT IT ON YOUR BLOG! We should start pressure groups that won’t go away. And I know for a fact bloggers have what it takes.

PS: I may not react immediately. Taking the kids to church and have to finish a whole lot of work today. So, take your time, talk to your friends, but JUST DO IT!

Overseas bloggers with access to other blogs, can you put links to our blogs on this?




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  1. More, goeie idee…ek gaan gou trugsit en dink…om iets te se sonder emosie gaan moeilik wees…Lekkr en opwindinde dag vr jou!

  2. Bolandklong, emosie is welkom. Net nie die soort verbale diaree wat ek op Praag moes verduur nie. Dit help nie ons gebruik die kans wat ons het om te skel sonder om konstruktiewe idees ook aan te bied nie. Lekker dag!

  3. Thanks LO. Even if you can just contribute a paragraph or two in comment.

  4. Lodewikus will definitely contribute on an ongoing basis.

    In the mean time, some statistics re incidents involving our family (admittedly over a number of years):
    Wife held at gunpoint at school
    Lodewikus smashed and grabbed in town on a Friday afternoon
    Eldest daughter smashed and grabbed (cellphone taken) near Diepsloot
    Youngest daughter smashed and grabbed, and assaulted twice in Bloemfontein
    Two burglaries at our house. One incident caught the guy, court case held, sent for observation, to this day do not know the outcome of the court case

    Four years ago a friend borrowed my boat and picked up a speed fine in Richmond (R100). I have had letters, sms’es, even a phone call yesterday regarding payment of this fine – represents much more official communication than in all of the above cases put together

    In the interim, a quick suggestion – divert all the energy being expended in disarming law-abiding and defenceless citizens (sorry, that’s my interpretation) into actual crime prevention.

  5. I see crime almost everyday on my travels around my small town. Please let me know how I can help.

  6. The more I think about this, the more I think we should make it a blogs-campaign. Every blogger MUST TRY TO post an open letter to Mr. Zuma, and people should lobby their friends to do the same. The letter MUST contain IDEAS FOR SOLUTIONS as well. We can’t just complain, we must come to the table with some suggestions. And every blogger can then network in their own circles to get the same from friends. And we do a formal handover of our letters. Zuma and Govt must realise we are sick and tired of living like this.
    For now, tag this post in your own blog and own your own domain under the heading OPEN LETTER TO MR ZUMA. (Also see my previous post.)

  7. Wiil post a link on my FB site and on

  8. Thanks Voted!

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