Even more bizarre coincidence relating to last night’s almost smash and grab (Letter to Zuma-link)

Januarie 17, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

I have a friend who is 63-years old and a widow. I sometimes take her out for coffee, and take her with to church as she can’t drive anymore due to a very serious heart condition. We arranged on Wednesday that she’ll come with me to church. This morning I picked her up – arm and little finger in a dressing. Turns out SHE was the victim of the smash-and-grab we JUST missed last night.

She was the passenger in the car of friends from elsewhere in Joburg, and they were on their way from Kiblerpark to drop her off near the center of Alberton. She was sitting on the backseat with her handbag next to her as she had just taken her house keys out (in preparation of being dropped off) when this thug broke the window next to her, leaned in and grabbed the bag from the middle of the seat. She instinctively held on to it, and he pulled her arm through the window and into a big piece of glass still stuck in the frame. This took out a chunk of flesh. A shard got stuck in her pinkie, so deep that they had to cut it out.

Tannie Anette has a VERY serious heart condition  – she has a defribilator in her chest that shocks her heart into action when it stops. Her mother and other family members died of this before they were 60. Of course she is now very fragile and in deep shock. I didn’t recognise the other car, as I don’t know her friends, and in any case saw very vaguely what was happening in my rearview meter when I already turned right into a very busy double-lane intersection.

Two years ago her daughter never returned home from work. They found out four hours later that she was hijacked on her way back from work, raped by both hijackers and then left in her car in a township near Midrand. The swines took NOTHING. Not her cellphone, not her car, not even her keys. So, she survived the ordeal and came out the other side an example to us all. In fact, I am busy writing an article on her for one of the magazines.


So, Mr. Zuma, this is a real personal matter to me. HOW ARE YOU AND YOUR GOVERNMENT GOING TO STOP THUGS FROM TAKING OVER OUR COUNTRY? Because this is MY country as well, and I’m not emigrating, and I’m NOT living in Orania.

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  1. I thought it happened near Eastgate(refer previous blog)?Anyhow a horrible thing indeed.The one observation that I have is that you(or any one else)in the vicinity didn’t stop to help.I’m not pointing a finger,I don’t know whether I would have,the circumstances etc but I do think it’s time that we all started ‘taking back our streets’.The criminals do these things in public because they know that we all ‘turn a blind eye’?

  2. hutton het gesê op Januarie 17, 2010

    It just never ends

  3. No Bushbaby, we came back to Alberton from Eastgate. I went via N12 and then the R59 to Vereeniging as I had to drop a child off in Brackenhurst. Normally I avoid that area at night as the off-ramp is close to Alrode industrial area, and a hot spot. Sorry, I should have been clearer.
    I didn’t stop for a few very good reason: I was an unarmed woman with three children (8, 11 and 15) in the car with me, one of them not even my own child. Also, I was leading a stream of cars that all turned off the highway and there was NO safe place to stop as it is a very busy intersection and I was in the right hand lane. It would have caused a major chain-collision. Furthermore, I was more than 100 meters away when my two kids, who looked back after I said the guy is up to no good, shouted they saw the guy brake a window and run away.

  4. Other people did stop and helped the ladies – nothing in my post indicates otherwise. In fact, Tannie Anette’s friend’s son was traveling in the car behind them, a Godsend, as the two elderly ladies were very traumatised as you can imagine.
    But I do agree that we should start looking out for each other much, much more. I am normally very pro-active. If I see something strange, I phone 111 on my cellphone. Or, if in our street, I alert the neighbours. We have possibly saved each other’s bacon on a number of occasions. I am also always very friendly to the domestic workers of our street. In return one of them came to warn me one day that four black men in an old car with windows almost tinted black drove up and down past my house a few times. My car was parked outside my gate, and they were obviously eyeing it.
    In Tannie Anette’s case nothing could have been done to prevent him from doing this – the bastard’s timing was perfect. As our light turned green, he hit on their car. (A FEW cars away from mine.) It happened in a matter of 20 seconds, and he disappeared down the side of the offramp and onto the busy R59 to Vereeniging.

  5. I am so sorry this happened to your friend. It’s a horrible experience for anyone, let alone someone as fragile as she is. We all have to be so vigilant the whole time, whether at home or on the roads; sad but true. I am sure it’s not going to change any time soon, until more people have jobs and more visible policing is present.

  6. LO, I also don’t believe in coincidences. Knowing the people and escaping two incidents AND being called all kind of things by a lot of rightwing racists in a space of three days? I don’t think so!
    But I can’t do it alone, and bloggers are not tagging this onto their domains. Reaction is a bit slow. Hopefully late afternoon (after all the Sunday snoozes), more people will do it.
    I guess this is another test to see how much we are prepared to stand together.

  7. @ Another day. Can’t agree more. More police, more work AND more values. It seems our country’s value system went to the dogs. I see it everywhere. And if you get away with it in a small way, nothing stops you to try it in a bigger way.

  8. The Wild West has nothing on South Africa. My entire family are scattered around the globe and all because of the crime. My solution is unprintable.

  9. Napier het gesê op Januarie 17, 2010

    ag nee tannemys !!! so jammer om te lees… Will read your previous blog.
    sterkte daar

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