It could have been us in the hijacking last night (open letter to Mr Zuma)

Januarie 16, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Living in South Africa is not for sissies. I realise this daily.

I visited with my friend last night (the one with the expensive koi’s that commited suicide on my watch) and it was just the two of us and our four children, open doors and all. Luckilly they have perimeter security beams, and they were switched on the moment the kids came inside to play. (They live against a koppie and next to an empty plot, and made their double property into a haven for children, wild birds with a magnificent garden, rock pool, koi ponds a stream and a huge jungle jim etc).

Her husband went away for business and was due back at 8. Shortly after 8 he phoned to ask if we are okay, because the street connecting to theirs (literally about 500 m from their gate), was swarming with police and police vehicles). He couldn’t get in there, and had to drive around to the other entrance of the SECURITY controlled area).

Turns out the woman living there was hijacked in her driveway by four black men driving a black Mercedes. They wore suits and signed in at the gate. Neighbours walking past on an evening stroll were forced (at gunpoint) into the house with her and her small daughter, and they were held at gunpoint for a long time. Details are still scetchy as to what exactly happened inside the house, and who made alarm. The criminals got away. Luckilly nobody inside the house was killed, but we don’t know if the women were raped.

It could have been us – we arrived there possibly an hour (or even less, as we don’t know the exact time it took place). I always spend a minute of two in the driveway waiting for her to open the electric gate.

They could have scaled the fence while the kids were still playing outside and the perimeter alarms were switched off.

This time they (we) were lucky. Also last year, when people living on the other side of the koppie (500 m as the crow flies) were held at gunpoint, the young woman gangraped and the parents almost shot to pieces when the police mistook them (arriving home from a holiday) for the thugs. (It was on all the frontpages: they were caught in a crossfire in which more than 50 bullets fired at their car, most of them by police. The man spent weeks in ICU in an induced coma and miraculously survived.) The thugs escaped over the koppie through the empty plot next to my friends, and they were woken up by the police helicopter hovering over their house and policeman running around in the koppie. What if those thugs decided on them instead? They have two beautiful little kids of 5 and 6 for which they waited 15 years. My friend survived aggresive breast cancer at the age of 39, and subsequently started a charity for cancer patients with another survivor. Together they visit state hospitals (oncology units, as well as paediatric wards). They have also raised a lot of money, using it to help underprivileged (read mostly black) children living with cancer and using CHOC-house in Saxonwold.

Yes, my friends are rich. But her husband owns one of the biggest factories in it’s industry in South Africa. He is employing more than people, paying more than decent salaries. Ironically, a lot of the work done by these (unskilled) labourers can be done by technology – he can operate without half of his workers. They are good people, giving freely to those in need. And it is their right to enjoy the money he is working for 16 hours a day.

Yesterday I was taken apart verbally by rightwingers on (only read if you have a strong stomach – one person called my letter to Dan Roodt a nauseating mix of “vomit, snot and diarrhoea”) and apparently I’m not welcome in their volkstaat because I like blacks. And of course I’m a traitor, and much worse things. Blablablabla.

I want to make it clear with this post ONCE AGAIN (I often speak out about the NSA’s problems) that I am AS MUCH against the daily violence, bloodshed and crime in this country as I am against racists. From both sides – black or white. I am also against the inefficiency of our state departments. And very much against the corrupt politicians causing this state of affairs. Yet, I’m worlds away from those demanding a volkstaat. I just want MY country to be what it can and should be: the leader in Africa, and a safe place for all of us to live.

We South Africans should stop fighting each other, and start fighting crime and poverty.

Thugs like this should be removed from society for a long time.

Rapists and murderers shouldn’t get parole.

Petty criminals should be forced to do community work.

Our police force should get the cars, computers and manpower to do their work effectively instead of their ministers staying in super luxurious hotels.

I have said this often before, and I am saying it again: government should stop wasting taxpayer’s money on personal enrichment. 

Corrupt officials should pay back the money taken, even if it means their own family end up on the street while the culprit rots in jail. You are stealing from US!

Mr Zuma, start putting your money where your mouth is. We are relieved that you are apparently aware of the problems, and that you, unlike Mbeki, at least admits problems like Aids, substandard education and corruption do exist.

You said the police shouldn’t tolerate crime. Now give them enough patrol vehicles for visible and effective policing in ALL neighbourhoods and townships.

Make sure the vehicles are running.

Give detectives state paid cellphones and PC’s and databases so that they could start doing their jobs properly. We have some of the best detectives in the world, but technology and lack of infrastructure is failing them. And therefore failing us, Mr President.

We are tired, Mr Zuma. All of us. The new South Africa is burning while politicians are partying away the money. Our money.

I honestly don’t care how many wives you have, as long as you do what you were elected for by your supporters. And you need to do it now, because you and your government owe it to the people of this land. WE are suffering.

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  1. Thanks LO. By the way, if ever you’re in Joburg, you should see their garden! (Oh, and mine – lions can hide in my rosemary after all the rain).

  2. blanket het gesê op Januarie 16, 2010

    such a well written post, and I totally agree with you. Those politicians should take a pay cut and the money should go to the Police force/Nurses and teachers. We make those strong, and we will have a safe country.

  3. You have it on the nail Tannemys. Great post. Now we just need those in power to read it and do something instead of just talking about doing something. Stay safe dear one.

  4. Well written. I read some of the verbal sewage in response to your post on Praag. These OTT type reactions have always been a sure sign of the feeble thinker. Don’t lose any sleep over it, I know I wouldn’t… 🙂

  5. Good post – I certainly agree fully with your sentiments although I suspect the problems have less to do with money and more to do with the politcal will and accountability to deal with the problem(s).

  6. Mooi gesê en as ‘n aktiewe buurtwag bestuurder kan ek nie anders as met jou 100% saam te stem nie. My jongste blog, terloops sal glad nie op Praag welkom wees nie, veral nie as ek dit nog self in Afrikaans vertaal en pos nie.

  7. Thanks guys, for all your support. Much appreciated. Kind of tough to read through so much hateful comments about you as a person, knowing full well who it’s coming from. But still hurtful. I am beginning to think these people SHOULD go and live in a Volkstaat. Just wondering how they will cope without black servants and farm workers etc. And why they don’t just go to Orania and get it over and done with. I think I should go and do an article on Orania. I heard from somebody else there are more properties for sale there than ever before, and people are leaving in their droves. As I say, it’s hearsay. But I wonder why they leave if it’s Utopia…

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