A few good things (amongst others an SMS delivered one year too late!!)

Januarie 16, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

I’m still reeling after the extent of the personal attacks on me on Praag’s website. (Naively) didn’t foresee such strong feelings almost bordering on hatred. Think I will stick to my personal view and not mess with extremists (on any side of the spectrum) ever again. Although in some people’s eyes that will make me a draadsitter, a joiner, a racist and and and and…The possibilities for bad names to call me, it seems, are endless. We all know what kind of derogatory terms South Africans can come up with. Funny lot, we are…

Will rather continue to do what I do best (writing), hoping and praying that it will do some good somewhere, and that I will make a valuable contribution to our country and leave a legacy that one day will make my children proud.  Must say that after yesterday’s venomous attacks I wonder why on earth people become politicians! And I say this against the background of almost becoming one myself. I have a degree in Political Science and back in the days of being starry eyed and (much more) naive, I briefly considered getting involved in party politics and/or the diplomatic corps for a career. 

Oh, but if I believe the Praag-lot, I can’t even write. Not to mention what I look like… *searching for pillow to smother myself* One person even said not too worry too much about my opinion, because I will be the next journalist who shoots myself with an AK47 on my roof (sic and sick, ne?) *stops looking for pillow* But seriously, no more debates with Dr Roodt. Futile and a risk.

The good things I can think of at this moment:

1. In exactly 5 and a half hours from now my littlest boy would be in the world for exactly 8 years. And what a blessing he is! Happy birthday! (Although he’s too small to read my blog – maybe one day he will stumble upon it on his matchbox size computer sitting in his self-driving electric car…)

2. The roadworks are almost over! Jippieeeee! Only took me one hour between Lynnwood and my house today. 30 minutes or more shorter spent on the journey than before the holidays. It seems most of the roadworks on the road itself is done, and they are now working on the middle part where the lights and things will be erected.

3. Vodacom delivered an SMS I sent a year ago! Or so it seems. A specialist I regularly consult for medical articles phoned me this afternoon and asked me why I sent him such a strange request enquiring about answers for questions I requested exactly a year ago. Well-I-never! I have been complaining to Vodacom that (since round about October 2008) people say they don’t get my SMS’s. Of course Vodacom then sent an SMS or two that did come through, and then declared my problem resolved. I even bought a new phone! Wonder how many of my SMSs (and yours and yours and yours) are still flying around in space?

4. I can start research for my book on Afrikaans and in Afrikaans (ironically, nogal, for a joiner like me). Deadline is end of December, as it will require a lot of traveling for research to all corners of this country, not to mention the amount of writing. Hopefully part of the legacy I’ll leave for the Afrikaans language and for South Africans in general.

And then of course all the usual things: family, friends, my lovely children, my pets, a job, good health. And fellow-bloggers, of course! (Except some!)

Off to bed now!

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  1. dont let the people get to you hon. You blog is great 🙂 have a super day

  2. @ Jaded Jane: Praag is the Pro-aktivistiese Afrikaanse group (pro-activist Afrikaans group). It started out as a movement for Afrikaans the language (if I remember correctly) and turned into a rightwing quazi political movement.

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